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Nitrogen Supervisory Gas for Controlling Ice Plugs in Cold Storage Applications Josh Tihen ChE Corrosion Product Manager Storage applications have distinct problems that require designers to provide alternative designs freezing conditions The most common and largest concern is the development of ice plugs Ice are blockages in the piping network caused by trapped water and the addition of condensation an air compressor Ice plugs in sprinkler systems can restrict or completely block the flow of to a sprinkler In some cases ice plugs can also damage the pipe and cause leaks the use of a regenerative desiccant dryer has been used to combat the addition of FM Global recommends the dew point of the air be 20 below the temperature of the A normal desiccant dryer provides a dew point of 40 to achieve this requirement While dryers are effective there are some drawbacks to the technology use of a nitrogen generator for controlling ice plugs provides many additional benefits over a dryer The nitrogen produced by a nitrogen generator has a much lower dew point of 70 easily the FM requirements The nitrogen generator offers the benefit of corrosion controller by eliminating the majority of oxygen and extending the life of the fire sprinkler system on average by 5.3 times that of air compressor A dryer does not offer this corrosion resistance The nitrogen generator has less maintenance For desiccant dryers not only do the coalescing need to be changed annually but the desiccant needs to be changed every 3 years This cost thousands of dollars and is time consuming The nitrogen membrane on the other has an expected life of up to 20 years A single desiccant dryer is not recommended to feed more than 3 sprinkler systems a nitrogen system does not have this limitation A desiccant dryer requires the contractor to open the inspection port and allow the system run for 24 hours to remove the wet air The purge process on a nitrogen generator can be automatic The Potter IntelliPurge purging device constantly monitors the purity of the nitrogen gas that ice plugs are not forming It can even send an alert if the purity drops summary the use of a nitrogen generator to prevent ice plugs in freezer applications offers benefits over the traditional use of a desiccant dryer Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com PAGE 1 OF 1 Storage Solution Technical Bulletinfirealarmresources com

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