Potter CSHB 24V Series Indoor Outdoor Wall Mount Colored Lens Horn Strobe

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A Brand CSHB CSLB24 INDOOR OUTDOOR STROBE COMBINATION Unit alone is UL Listed for outdoor use Low current consumption Wide operating voltage range AWG 18 lead wire connection Mounts to SBX 1 outdoor box SBP 1 plastic mounting plate optional or SBP 2 plate included on single gang back box ALERT decal included Available in red or gray housing Available strobe colors Amber blue green and red Amseco Outdoor Colored Strobe utilizes a patented design that produces a true color output The CSLB and CSHB offer a slim look a stylish round strobe The CSLB and CSHB colored strobes and colored strobe horns are listed indoor or outdoor applications and are sealed units The colored coded ying leads provide a simple connection of one or multiple devices The strobe horn combinations selectable with either a continuous or ANSI Temporal 3 output strobes are used in various applications such as Mass Noti cation Severe Weather Warning Machine Operation Industrial Detection Access Control and many many more These devices are UL listed for general signaling UL 1638 and comply with the requirements signaling of the hearing impaired UL 1971 The bodies of the strobes are available in red or gray The strobes are designed for 24 VDC will operate anywhere between 16 and 33 VDC Information Number Color Voltage Rate Contact Potter before ordering 24V High Wall Mount Speci cations Amseco CSLB24 colored strobe or CSHB24 colored strobe horn shall be provided for visual and audible with CSHB noti cation The shall be completely sealed and listed for both indoor and outdoor installations For outdoor installations the SBX 1 back box shall be The devices shall be UL listed for General Signaling and shall comply with light output requirements of UL 1971 for spacing The strobes shall have a minimum light output of 15 cd The re ective mirror shall be the same color as the lens to produce a true color of red blue or green The strobe shall operate between 16 and 33 VDC regulated or full wave recti ed The strobe shall ash a minimum of a second continuously at 16 VDC Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA MFG 5401401 REV A 10 04 1 OF 2 CSHB CSLB24 INDOOR OUTDOOR STROBE COMBINATION Brand Screw Gang Box Connector and Pipe Standard Box 165 85.7 10 Plate 16 inches mm 3.4 31 32 50 22 5.6 4.7 60 Surface Mount Back Box 1 4 57 5 16 84 View View View Back View Diagram 1 and Horn Unison Next or 2 and Horn Signal Signal Next or 3 Wiring Diagram for Audible Strobe Class B Circuit without Audible Silence Feature Circuit Module 4 Wiring Diagram for Audible Strobe Class B Circuit with Audible Silence CSHB24 Signal Signal Module Next or Next or Next or Color Horn 2 Orange 2 White Strobe 2 Red 2 Black IN USA 5401401 REV A 10 04 2 OF 2

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