Potter DPS-50 Differential Pressure Switch

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DPS 50 PRESSURE SWITCH Listed and CSA Approved Rated Pressure 250 PSI Working Pressure 180 PSI Connections Brass 1 4 18 NPT Female Differential Pressure Range Proof Pressure 180 PSID allowable pressure difference across high low pressure ports Type 1 For indoor use only Formed sheet metal with powdercoat nish Not for use in hazardous locations PSID Increasing Differential Pressure Setting 20 PSID Increasing Differential Pressure SPDT Form C Switch Amps at 125 250 480 VAC Contacts Entrance Opening for 1 2 conduit Motor Rating 120VAC Horsepower AC F L A AC L R A Duty Rating 125VA 120 240 VAC Temperature Range 40 F 40 Temperature Range 32 F 0 1 properly rated temperature supply wire for the anticipated temperature all electrical connections in accordance with the National Code and local regulations wire under switch bracket to avoid interfering with switch mechanism See Fig 3 2 ACTION ON DECREASE ACTION ON INCREASE 1034 3 number 9000100 device is not intended for applications in explosive environments Model DPS 50 is a differential pressure switch used to monitor difference in pressure between two pressure sources A change pressure between the high and low pressure ports greater than the pressure setting 8 50 PSID range will reposition the mechanism to open or close a single electrical circuit by means a snap action electrical switch This control device is designed applications sensing air water or any uid not harmful to brass or and not classi ed as a hazardous uid control device is designed for use only as an operating control an operating control failure would result in personal injury loss of property it is the responsibility of the installer to add safety limit controls that protect against or systems alarm systems that warn of control failure And Installation Model DPS 50 may be mounted in any position on a at surface by screws or bolts through the holes in back of the case or by use of the mounting bracket in an area protected from the weather switch where vibration shock and ambient temperature uctuations are mimimal Be sure to connect the high pressure source the port labeled and the low pressure source to the port avoid damage to the control always hold a wrench on the wrench ats of the pressure ports when tightening pressure connections Never the pressure connections by turning the control into the tting Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5401034 REV D 1 OF 2 differential pressure operating point of the switch can be to any point between 8 and 50 PSID by using the scale and turning the adjustment knob to the left to raise the pressure actuation point and turning to the right to lower differential actuation point The scale is calibrated for increasing pressure settings The repeatability of the set operating is typically of the differential pressure range The change in set operating pressure due to change in ambient is typically less than 1 based on the differential range per 50 For best setting accuracy make the nal with a pressure gauge and the actual working pressure in the application Differential range PSID Differential Pressure Pressure Maximum Minimum Maximum Deadband Differential to Reset 3 SETTING KNOB TO LEFT TO RAISE DIFFERENTIAL POINT TURN THE TO THE TO LOWER DIFFERENTIAL POINT PRESSURE SWITCH 18 NPT FEMALE PRESSURE WIRE SWITCH AVOID SWITCH SPDT DIA HOLE 1 2 18 NPT FEMALE PRESSURE Of Flow Application In A Water Chiller System a proof of ow application in a water chiller system if ice builds inside water chiller or if tubes become restricted differential across chiller increases Differential pressure switch Model senses the differential pressure increase and actuates an alarm signal light Model DPS 50 Monitors Condition Of Pipeline Liquid Filter a typical liquid lter installation a clean lter element will have rated pressure drop for a given operating line pressure and rate of ow As the lter accumulates particulate the resistance to ow and the pressure drop increases until the level is reached the lter element must be cleaned or replaced Differential switch Model DPS 50 senses the differential pressure and actuates an alarm or signal light TO PRESSURE THE DPS 50 SUPPLY TO PRESSURE OF DPS 50 OF FLOW IN USA 5401034 REV D 2 OF 2

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