Potter EBP-401 Long Range Door Annunciator System

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A Brand RANGE DOOR SYSTEM Intelligent microprocessor driven system 40 ft detection range across doorway Four user selectable chime sounds Advanced circuit integrated with active infrared beam technology High low volume control Expandable using additional chimes CM 5 number 4130030 EBP 401 is a surface mount 40 ft long range annunciator system using active infrared technology This invisible single infrared beam triggers a chime sound when the infrared beam is interrupted The system can be installed anywhere inside the buildings where traffic surveillance is required Kit Includes Electronic chime Infrared sensor Reflector Power transformer 12V AV 20VA Long plastic bracket Metal short bracket Short plastic bracket 6 ft power cord with in line switch 26 ft 2 conductor wires 3 4 sheet metal screws 3 8 bolt w locking washer 5 8 machine screws w washers and nuts Manual ft Wires 20VA Plastic Short ft Power Cords In line ON Switch Diagram Switch AC N P U T 12V SEL White Black White Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA MKT 8850053 REV B 2 10 ON OFF 1 OF 2 Brand necessary use cable ties keep wires safely out of way to avoid tripping RANGE DOOR SYSTEM LED LIGHTS UP THE REFLECT OR IS SUCCESSFUL Bolt Screw Short Bracket Plastic Bracket Mount Washer Washer Mount Information method range transmission range source consumption Standby consumption In alarm level sounds selection sounds level selection time source location beam interception warning setting Range Wired Annunciator System infrared ft ft AWG 22 2P wire 12V AC DC 20VA Chime 12V DC 10VA 50mA Chime 100mA Chime 500mA low 95dB high among 4 sounds by a dip SW Jumper SHORT LOW Jumper OPEN HIGH sec pulse beam 950mm JP1 selectable OFF 10 sec 60 secretary Power ON Red Alignment LED ON Transformer OFF Transformer Power ON Setting switch Dimension W x H x D 122 10 50 125g 164.4g 2 1 2 x 1 7 8 x 3 7 16 4 7 8 x 3 1 2 x 1 3 8 IN USA 8850053 REV B 2 OF 2

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