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EVD 2 Operation and Manual Vibration System speci cations subject to revision Controller Pickup optional ELECTRIC SIGNAL COMPANY LLC Louis MO 956 1211 314 595 6900 FAX 314 595 6999 5401042 Rev N 5401042 REV N 6 09 INFORMATION essential purpose of any sale or contract for sale of any of the products listed in the POTTER catalog or list is the furnishing of that product It is expressly understood that in furnishing said product POTTER not agree to insure the Purchaser against any losses the Purchaser may incur even if resulting from the of said product warrants that the equipment herein shall conform to said descriptions as to all af rmation of fact shall be free from defects of manufacture labeling and packaging for a period of one 1 three 3 or ve 5 year depending on the product from the invoice date to the original purchaser provided that samples are returned to POTTER for inspection The product warranty period is stated on exterior of the product package Upon a determination by POTTER that a product is not as warranted shall at its exclusive option replace or repair said defective product or parts thereof at its own except that Purchaser shall pay all shipping insurance and similar charges incurred in connection the replacement of the defective product or parts thereof This Warranty is void in the case of abuse abnormal usage faulty installation or repair by unauthorized persons or if for any other reason determines that said product is not operating properly as a result of causes other than defective labeling or packaging Aforesaid Warranty Is Expressly Made In Lieu Of Any Other Warranties Expressed Or Implied It Understood That All Such Other Warranties Expressed Or Implied Including The Warranties Merchantability And Fitness For Particular Purpose Are Hereby Expressly Excluded In No Event Potter Be Liable To Purchaser For Any Direct Collateral Incidental Or Consequential Damages Connection With Purchaser Use Of Any Of The Products Listed Herein Or For Any Other Cause Relating To The Said Products Neither Potter Nor Its Representatives Shall Be Liable To The Or Anyone Else For Any Liability Claim Loss Damage Or Expense Of Any Kind Or Direct Incidental Or Consequential Damages Relative To Or Arising From Or Caused Directly Or By Said Products Or The Use Thereof Or Any De ciency Defect Or Inadequacy Of The Said It Is Expressly Agreed That Purchaser Exclusive Remedy For Any Cause Of Action Relating To Purchase And or Use Of Any Of The Products Listed Herein From Potter Shall Be For Damages And Liability For Any And All Losses Or Damages Resulting From Any Cause Whatsoever Including Or Other Fault Shall In No Event Exceed The Purchase Price Of The Product In Respect To The Claim Is Made Or At The Election Of Potter The Restoration Or Replacement Or Repair Of Such ELECTRIC SIGNAL COMPANY LLC Louis MO 866 956 1211 314 595 6900 FAX 314 595 6999 www pottersignal com 5401042 REV N 6 09 Information cations Information Controller Function Controller Details Terminal Connections Remote Pickup of Line Resistor Locations Remote Pickup Details Terminal Connections Wiring EVD 2 System Wiring Wire Types Control Panel Wiring and RTA Connections Wiring with Safe Detector Zone and 24 hr Alarm Zone Wiring with Safe Detector Zone Only Adjustments Test Point Levels Detector Locations the Number of Detectors for a Safe Application the Maximum Linear Distance on a Safe Safe Exterior Dimensions and Maximum Linear Distances UL Complete Safe Installations UL Complete Vault Installations Wall Protection Protection Diagram Maximum EVD M EVD R Spacing Wall Protection or EVD R Mounting Plate 5401042 REV N 6 09 5401042 REV N 6 09 General Information EVD 2 Electronic Vibration Detector System is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada for protection of Mercantile or Bank safe or vault and supplementary protection of interior units such as le cabinets display cases walls ceilings The System must be used with an appropriate UL listed control unit standard EVD 2 system consists of a model EVD M controller and a model EVD R remote pickup Features Detects all common threats to safes vaults and ATM Sophisticated signal processing provides unprecedented sensitivity without false alarms Expandable system allows up to 15 remote pickups Model EVD R Reliable sensitive piezo sensor technology On board high security safe contact interface Integral multi color status LED Built in test circuit on both controller and remote pickups Remote test and annunciator capabilities Supervised microprocessor Independent tamper output On board test point facilitates installation and service Built in accumulator Maximum 0.1 V ripple Cover Stamped Steel 22 Gauge EVD M and EVD R Input 9.0 VDC to 16.0 VDC 12 VDC Nominal 5.10 H x 3.26 W x 1.20 D 13,0cm H x 8,3cm W x 3,0cm D EVD M 0.64 lbs 0,29 kg EVD R 0.62 lbs 0,28 kg Base Die cast aluminum Speci cations Typical Current Supply Voltage 12.0 VDC Maximum Current Supply Voltage 16.0 VDC Optional Accessories RTA Remote Test Annunciator UL Listed High Security Cable Required for UL safe complete installations Data Alarm Relay Form C 2.0 Amps at 30 VDC Tamper Contact Form A 2.0 Amps at 30 VDC Normal Standby Condition 34 mA Alarm Condition Tamper Condition Each additional EVD R Remote Pickup adds approx 3 mA With model RTA connected add 10 mA in Tamper Condition and 10 mA in Alarm condition mA mA Normal Standby Condition 36 mA Alarm Condition Tamper Condition With model RTA connected add 14 mA in Tamper Condition and 14 mA in Alarm condition mA mA No EVD M Controller EVD R Remote Pickup Safe Vault Pak 1 HSC 1 High Security Door Contact Ordering Information System Of Equipment If 12 VDC is not available from main burglar panel the following power supply and transformer is recommended Remote Test Annunciator Security Cable Cable 5210408 VDC Power Supply VAC Transformer 5401042 REV N 6 09 the main burglar panel has ground fault detection circuitry it be necessary to power the EVD from a separate power supply from the auxiliary power on the burglar panel Alternately the may be insulated from ground EVD M Controller EVD M controller is a microprocessor controlled vibration detector that incorporates advanced detection methods for identifying all types of attacks It detects short duration large amplitude signals like those produced in attacks from explosions hammering or It also detects long duration small amplitude signals like those produced in attacks from torches thermic lances drills grinders or discs As soon as the EVD M detects a large amplitude alarm source it signals an alar

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