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SUPERCEDES REVISION DATED AUGUST 1 2004 B Sheet Water Feeder NOVEMBER 10 2004 UL GUIDE MBPR for Limit Controls per UL Standard Limit Controls CUL per CSA Standard C22.2 No 24 93 for tempera indicating and regulating equipment Connections 3 8 FNPT or 3 8 NPT to 1 2 copper included Type 1 For indoor use only Formed sheet metal powder coat plated finish Five openings for 1 2 fittings Not for use in hazardous locations Inlet Pressure PSI 10.5kg cm2 Outlet Boiler Pressure PSI 1kg cm2 Media Temperature F 71 C Pending Ambient Temperature 38 Rate gpm 3.8 lpm Choices Mode Fixed Feed or Manual Feed Protection Lockout Feed Indicator 24 VAC to be supplied by an EXTERNAL Class 2 power source Electric Water Feeder EWF is an electronics based feeder for steam boilers The EWF monitors the output a Low Water Cutoff LWCO When the LWCO detects a water condition it signals the EWF which initiates a cycle Since the EWF is fully programmable it can as long as the low water cutoff detects a low water LWCO mode or fixed feed amounts In addition EWF allows the user to set Delays Before Feeding DBF Mode the mode switch of S1 See fig 9a is set to the ON the EWF will operate in LWCO mode This causes EWF to feed water whenever the LWCO signals a low condition Both the Delay Before Feeding DBF and Hold After Water OK HAW settings may be set in LWCO As soon as the EWF receives a low water signal from LWCO the EWF starts feeding water to the boiler after DBF delay expires if enabled The EWF continues water to the boiler until the LWCO signals that the condition is normal and any HAW delay expires If the feeds 10 gallons Flood Protection Lockout occurs and stops immediately and a red LED is illuminated hold delays after the low water cutoff signals water is HAW The EWF also includes a programmable feed indicator patent pending The EWF blinks this after it has fed more than a settable number of gallons the boiler over the past 30 days This will help identify that may need maintenance Feed the mode switch of S1 is set to the OFF position the will operate in Fixed Feed FF mode While in this the EWF will feed the number of gallons set by switch See fig 9a c While in Fixed Feed mode only DBF may be used HAW settings only apply to LWCO After a feed cycle completes if the LWCO still signals low water condition the EWF will start another feed cycle If EWF completes the second feed cycle and the LWCO still a low water condition the EWF will enter the Flood Lockout and a red LED is illuminated the LWCO signals a normal water while the EWF is feeding a fixed the EWF will NOT stop feeding the number of gallons set at DIP S3 has been fed to the boiler Be S3 is set to feed the correct amount water or property damage may result Feed Manual Feed button on the EWF allows the user to feed water to the boiler system as long as the user the button Up to 5 gallons may be manually fed before the EWF automatically closes the feed If the EWF automatically closes the feed valve the Feed button must be released and re pressed to feed more water Manually fed water counts Excess Feed settings Feed Indication Feed Status Indicator will be rapidly blinking amber the EWF has dispensed more water over the past 30 than the setting of the Excess Feed switch S4 and holding switch S5 will reset the Excess Feed See Fig 2 for location of Excess Feed Reset Once this reset button is pressed and held for 2 the EWF briefly turns off the Feed Status Indicator reset has occurred Once the EWF completes the UNIT OUTLINE DRAWING 1 process the Feed Status Indicator will resume its state Once the EWF is installed and the system is with water reset the Excess Feed Condition to start operation of the system Protection Lockout the EWF dispenses 10 gallons in LWCO mode or two feed cycles in Fixed Feed mode without the signaling a normal water level the EWF enters Flood Lockout In this condition the EWF shuts off its valve illuminates the Feed Status Indicator LED to red waits for the user to correct the problems and reset the Entering the Flood Protection Lockout prevents the boiler in the event that water is not actually by the boiler Pressing and holding the Manual Feed for 2 seconds will reset the Flood Protection Lockout See Fig 2 for location of the Manual Feed button If EWF enters Flood Protection Lockout the user must the system and correct the cause of the Indicator multi color LED indicates the status of the EWF as follows 2 BLOCK CONNECTIONS PLATE TERMINAL 3 uninsulated section of a conductor should not be around the terminal and as two separate The wire must be thereby providing of the connection the event that the wire dislodged from under terminal Use 18 AWG or as required by local Wire insulation rating be at least 167 75 hazard Disconnect power source before servicing Serious injury or death could result must be performed by qualified personnel and in accordance with all national and local codes ordinances for use in hazardous locations prevent damage to the device and or electrical fire wire insulation must be rated at 167 F 75 C over wire only installations are complete check for correct operation of ALL limit and operating controls all instructions carefully and understand them before starting installation and save for future use user how to test and operate this feeding device as described in these instructions not use manual reset low water cutoff with automatic water feeders like the EWF or flooding and prop damage can occur using mixed voltages DO NOT install jumper wire on LWCO the water feeder and low water cutoff from the same power sources Failure to do so could result in and property damage can occur 4 the EWF water feeder as shown in Figure 4 EWF must be installed with a manual bypass permit ease of removal for servicing or replace install unions and isolation valves Install EWF with the flow direction arrow toward the Fill the boiler by manually opening the valves until the water level is at a normal for the boiler refer to the boiler literature for proper fill levels the system for leaks before proceeding the system is full close the bypass valve and that both isolation valves are open This water through the EWF hazard Disconnect power source servicing Serious injury or death result Wiring Wiring EWF to LWCO with same voltages see 5 Verify that the supply and burner circuit voltages con to the LWCO are the same as the EWF Verify that factory installed jumpers connecting the hot on the LWCO to the burner source are installed Connect the hot lead wire from the power source to Connect the neutral lead wire from the power source to H on the EWF N on the EWF Connect the NO water feeder alarm terminal on the to terminal LW on the EWF EWF to LWCO with different burner circuit voltages Figure 6a b Verify that the burner circuit voltages connected to the are the same as the EWF Verify that factory installed jumpers connec

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