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FASPKR SPKSTR 24CLP SERIES AND CAN ULC CAN ULC LISTED PRODUCT INFORMATION IS FOUND ON PAGE 4 LOW PROFILE CEILING OR WALL MOUNT SPEAKER WITHOUT STROBE LOW PROFILE CEILING MOUNT SPEAKER WITH SELECTABLE STROBE Includes one or more of the following designators P plain R red or W white Potter Electric FASPKR and SPKSTR 24CLP is a high quality speaker and speaker strobe ANSI UL Listed for fire protective signaling systems The high intensity strobe a Xenon flash tube which generates a high intensity light visible from all sides The SPKSTR 24CLP strobe is ANSI UL Listed in compliance with ANSI UL 1971 Appliances for the Hearing Impaired PRODUCT INFORMATION FASPKR and SPKSTR 24CLP Series speaker and speaker strobe offer a choice of field selectable power taps 1 8 1 4 1 2 1 2 and 4 Watts for either 25v or 70.7v amplifiers The SPKSTR 24CLP speaker strobe offers the option of a high intensity strobe which complies with ANSI UL 1971 The frequency range of the speakers is All devices are suitable for line supervision Speaker includes DC blocking capacitor which allows for supervision voltage of either polarity LOCATION appliance is intended for use in Fire Alarm Systems and is to be installed in accordance with this installation manual the recommendation of the local authorities having and other NFPA Standards that provide standards on notification appliances for protective signaling systems The Potter Electric FASPKR and SPKSTR 24CLP is intended for indoor installation only This appliance is not listed for outdoor or drip proof applications PRODUCT INFORMATION Spacing for Ceiling Mounted Visible Appliances per NFPA 72 2013 Edition Room Size x 20 x 30 x 44 x 50 x 6.10 x 9.14 x 13.4 x 15.2 Required Light Output Effective Intensity Cd One Light Foot Ceiling Ceiling Height Foot Ceiling Foot Ceiling Not allowable Intensity Requirements for Sleeping Area Notification Appliance from Ceiling to Top of Lens than or equal to 24 610mm than 24 610mm Cd Cd Strobe light be installed within feet of the pillow when in a sleeping area visual signal must be in the direct viewing area of the occupant in order to be seen light cannot be seen when objects such as doors furniture or walls block strobe light VISUAL SIGNALS FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED ARE ONLY ONE METHOD OF ALERTING THE HEARING IMPAIRED VISUAL SIGNALS MAY NOT BE THE METHOD FOR NOTIFYING ALL HEARING IMPAIRED INDIVIDUALS THE STROBE LIGHT MUST BE SEEN BY THE SLEEPING PERSON IF THE PERSON HAS HEAD TURNED OR OTHERWISE UNABLE TO BE ALERTED BY THE STROBE WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE 1 signal should NEVER be relied upon as the primary fire alert for the hearing impaired under these common sense conditions Sleeping face down on the bedding or pillow Use of sleep medications of any kind Use of alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs Use of eye shades there are tendencies of deep sleep conditions a fire cuts power to AC circuits the visual signal will not operate person is not within line of sight of visual signals these and other similar common situations an alternate fire alert method such as a non hearing impaired attendant is needed The visual signal only the chance of being alerted to the presence of fire No system of this type can fully protect the hearing impaired in case of fire ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Lens Strobe Current Ratings with SPKSTR 24CLP Products 24VDC Operating mA 24VFWR Operating mA Volts Volts Selectable Power Tap Selection Reverberant dBA 10ft Watt Watt dBA dBA dBA dBA Watt dBA dBA Watt dBA dBA Watt dBA dBA Watt dBA dBA DC VOLTAGE RANGE LIMITS 16 33V FWR VOLTAGE RANGE LIMITS 16 33V THIS PRODUCT WAS ONLY TESTED TO THE STATED VOLTAGE RANGE S NOT APPLY 80 AND 110 OF THIS RANGE FOR SYSTEM OPERATION CONSIDERATIONS To select the proper wattage input for the speaker move the jumper to the appropriate pin Always maintain electrical isolation between speaker and strobe wiring on combination units Do not exceed 130 of rated speaker voltage If excessive distortion is heard check amplifier for signal clipping If clipping exists reduce either amplifier input or gain Four screws are provided two for securing speaker to the back box and two for aesthetics The two non functional screws will be held in place by the pressure fit of the INSTALLING ROUTE FIELD WIRING AWAY FROM SHARP CORNERS AND INTERNAL COMPONENTS DO TERMINALS WIRE RUN TO PROVIDE OF CONNECTION WIRE DISTANCE IN FEET VOLTAGE DEVICE MINIMUM VOLTAGE CURRENT DRAW WIRE CONDUCTIVITY STROBE ONLY INCLUDES WIRE TO AND FROM APPLIANCE ALL APPLIANCES ARE AT THE END OF WIRE RUN WORST CASE APPLIES ONLY TO REGULATED SUPPLIES ALL STROBES ARE DESIGNED TO FLASH AS SPECIFIED WITH CONTINUOUS APPLIED VOLTAGE THIS APPLIANCE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON CODED OR SIGNALING CIRCUITS HOWEVER USE OF THE AVSM CONTROL MODULE IS PERMITTED TO SYNCHRONIZE THE STROBE REFERENCE AVSM CONTROL MODULE MANUAL 550 0598 DATED 2 1 13 FOR SYNCHRONIZATION MODULE WIRING DIAGRAMS AVSM MANUAL CAN BE OBTAINED BY POTTER ELECTRIC SIGNAL COMPANY AT 1 800 325 3936 2 MOUNTING ROUGH IN BOX AND RUN WIRING SPEAKER SPKRBB BACK BOX OR CEILING MOUNT SPEAKER STROBE 4 Square x 2 1 8 Deep BACK BOX CEILING MOUNT FIELD SELECTABLE CANDELA SELECTOR power taps using nose pliers intensity by inserting small flat blade to turn dial Displayed number will selected candela FIELD SELECTABLE OPTIONS OF 15 30 95 AND 115 CANDELA CHECKOUT AND TROUBLESHOOTING Supply power to the system control panel The auxiliary signaling device should not be activated the signal is activated Check all smoke and fire detectors in the system to make sure they have not been activated Check all wiring connections to make sure the signal detection circuits are not reversed or shorted together Check wire color codes and traces To test the FASPKR and SPKSTR 24CLP Series and other signaling appliances trip the auxiliary panel activate alarm circuit at the main control panel or activate one of fire detection units in the system All auxiliary signals should be activated An operational test on this product should be conducted in accordance with National Standards or at a minimum annually and more often if dictated by local and state or authorities having jurisdiction APPLIANCE LIMITATIONS speaker meets or exceeds current audibility requirements of ANSI UL 1480 However if the appliance is located outside a bedroom it may not wake up a sound especially if the room door is closed or only partially open APPLIANCE WILL NOT OPERATE WITHOUT ELECTRICAL POWER AS FIRES FREQUENTLY CAUSE POWER INTERRUPTIONS ELECTRIC SUGGESTS YOU DISCUSS FURTHER SAFEGUARDS WITH YOUR LOCAL FIRE PROTECTION SPECIALIST 3 TO RETURN AN APPLIANCE you experience problems with your appliance proceed as follows Turn off electrical power to the auxiliary alarm circuit Remove mounting screw and slide signal off from bracket Replace unit that was removed to restore wiring supervision and to eliminate system trouble alert Carefully pack the defective unit the manufacturer cannot be responsible for consequential damage due to shipping or mis handling Include your return address complete details as to the nature of the difficulties being experienced and date of installation Return to Potter Electric Signaling Company LLC 1609 Park 370 Hazelwood MO 63042 Prior to returning call the Potter Electric field service department at to obtain a RMA number INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNIVERSAL MOUNT SPEAKER AND MOUNT SPEAKER STROBE CAN ULC INFORMATION appliance is ideal for any occupancy that requires notification appliances per the applicable building or fire code or wherever dependable alarms are required This is listed in compliance with CAN ULC S526 and or CAN ULC S541 This appliance offers a choice of field selectable power taps 1 8 1 4 1 2 1 2 and 4 Watts for with either 25VRMS or 70.7VRMS audio amplifiers The frequency range of the speakers is 40

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