Potter Fire Panel Operating Instructions

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Standby Condition Alarm Alarm Condition Supervisory Condition Trouble s Fault Panels Only Panels Only Release Abort Panels Only Call Reset Requested Controlled Controlled Panel Operating Instructions green AC POWER LED will be illuminated and the user defined message on the LCD will be displayed If the AC power is removed more than 5 seconds the green AC power LED will extinguish normal events are acknowledged by pressing the ACK key while reviewing events After all events have been acknowledged the will deactivate and the associated LED will stop flashing and remain on continuously During Positive Alarm Sequence operation key must be pressed within 15 seconds of the alarm initiation to activate the investigation timer red ALARM LED will be illuminated anytime an alarm is occurring in the system The LCD will display the number of inputs in and the buzzer will be activated The buzzer will remain active until all alarms have been acknowledged or until the Silence key pressed the system is in Alarm the notification circuits strobes and horns can be shut off by pushing the SILENCE button the condition that caused the alarm has been identified and corrected the system may be reset to the Normal Standby by pressing RESET button a supervisory condition is detected the amber SUPERVISORY LED will illuminate and the buzzer will sound The LCD display indicate the number of supervisory events that are active The local buzzer will sound until all supervisory events have been the Supervisory condition is non latching once the device is restored to the normal condition the supervisory event will clear If the condition is latching the device that was activated must be restored and the RESET pressed a fault condition occurs the amber TROUBLE LED will illuminate and the local buzzer will sound until the fault is removed or ACK button is pressed acknowledging the trouble condition If the buzzer is acknowledged and the fault is not removed within 24 the buzzer will resound a trouble is occurring the local buzzer will sound until either all troubles have been acknowledged or the SILENCE button is a conductor contacts and earth ground the amber EARTH FAULT LED will illuminate and the LCD display will provide further of where the fault is located amber Pre Release LED will illuminate when the system is in a count down timer for an agent release Additionally pre release and countdown timers are displayed on the LCD red Release LED will illuminate when a release condition is active Additionally release events will be displayed on the LCD the system is being used as an agent releasing panel and a pre discharge timer is programmed the release may be aborted by pressing abort switch For ULI installations pushing the Abort will allow the timer to countdown until 10 seconds and then halt Releasing reactivating the Abort will set the timer to 10 seconds and Maintenance Test this system monthly or more frequently as required by the AHJ Before conducting any testing contact the building personnel the monitoring facility as applicable When testing a system configured for releasing activate the releasing disconnect switch to accidental discharge of a suppression system Test the circuits as outlined in the Installation Manual Test in accordance with 72 Inspection Testing and Maintenance Chapter s and any local requirements The batteries should be marked with the date of and replaced every four years or sooner if battery trouble occurs Batteries should be checked with a tester acceptable to the such as a Stone Technologies model STC612A or equivalent In case of a fuse replacement refer to the Installation Manual for the rating Contact the agency below for service or operational questions the button is pressed all programmed speaker zones are selected and corresponding LEDs on the SB 8 and SB 24 will illuminate indicate the zones are enabled Speaker zones can be deselected individually by selecting the corresponding button or can relinquish speaker zones by pressing the All Call button the RESET button is pressed all active ECS events will relinquish the CTRL button is pressed this allows operator consoles to request control of the system when a remote operator console is in steady amber LED indicates a LOC 1000 is requesting control of the system steady amber LED indicates a remote operating console is currently in control steady red LED indicates the local operating console is currently in control and display instructions adjacent to the fire alarm panel C service contact

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