Potter FSBS Flowswitch Bypass Switch Flyers

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FLOWSWITCH of coordinating schedules with alarm companies and sprinkler Want to save hundreds of dollars a year when performing system fills and tests FSBS is a key operated switch which when turned to the Bypass will disconnect the flowswitch from the fire alarm panel and or alarm while simultaneously lighting an amber LED on the switch to indicate that the waterflow alarm has been bypassed This the sprinkler system to be filled after service or maintenance activating the alarm system It also provides a visual indication the flowswitch status to indicate if it is in alarm or normal condition of the FSBS will result in a trouble condition on the fire alarm Restoral of the FSBS to normal will result in the fire alarm panel to normal Specifications and install a UL listed Flow Switch Bypass Switch for bypassing waterflow switch in the vicinity of the flowswitch where it will be from the floor or where required by the AHJ device shall consist of a stainless steel plate with a key switch and 3 LED Green for Normal Amber for Bypassed and Red for Activated the normal condition the green LED on the device shall be lit indicating the flowswitch is connected to the fire alarm panel and local bell applicable the keyswitch to the bypassed position turns off the green LED lights the amber LED This disconnects the flowswitch from the fire causing it to go into a trouble condition It also disconnects the from the local bell if applicable of the flowswitch will light the red LED on the device of the position of the key switch switch model FSBS manufactured by Potter Electric Signal Co E A T U R E S filled without activating local alarm or fire panel with alarm companies sprinkler techs Allows sprinkler system to Eliminates need to coordinate Provides visual indication of FSBS monitored flowswitch Key operated to prevent Compatible with any flowswitch indicating appliance and panel use Information Switch Mount Gang Red Electric Signal Company LLC sales pottersignal com 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com

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