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GuardianA Class A Public Safety BDA A Public BDA coverage for Public Safety Band 14 Network Frequencies UL 788 805 DL 758 775 851 861 Class A 32 channel independently controlled per band with Auto Gain Control for each channel 90 dB gain 2 Watt system Meets the code for NFPA 72 1221 and IFC 510 NEMA 4 rated amplifier housing Ethernet port with built in TowerIQ Sentry monitoring hardware dry contact 9 pin alarming UPS port for external battery backup Automatic gain control AGC and Oscillation Energy saving operation allows bands to dormant when not in use A C 110V or D C 24 30 V power option adjustable frequency for uplink and downlink gain in 1 dBm increments leading 3 year warranty available GuardianA Public Safety Band signal booster in building coverage for crucial communications consistent signal for First Responders and public safety officials who rely on two way radio inside large buildings is a Class A 2 Watt bi directional amplifier with a gain of 90 dB supporting both the 700 and 800 MHz Safety frequency bands the majority of cases newly constructed buildings with size or existing buildings that increase capacity expanding the building footprint are required to have signal of 95 dBm or better in designated critical areas stairwells etc in order to receive a certificate of GuardianA meets the code for NFPA 72 1221 and 510 and features a NEMA 4 rated amplifier housing the GuardianA comes equipped with dry contact alarming compatibility UPS and Ethernet port enabled monitoring TowerIQ provides an industry leading warranty Island City NY 11101 https toweriq nyc 844 626 7638 2021 TowerIQ Inc Specifications Range Uplink Range Downlink Bandwidth of Channels Output Power Uplink Output Power System Gain Adjustment Range dB step Band Ripple p p Noise Figure Group Delay kHz to 1 GHz GHz to 12.75 MHz 805 MHz 775 MHz 25 75 10 LTE US dBm dBm dB dB dB dB usec dBm Compliance MHz 816 MHz 861 MHz 25 75 dBm dBm dB dB dB dB usec dBm Compliance Compliance Compliance Maximum RF Power dBm dBm Building Component Layout Antenna Directional Receives outside signal cable TQ 400 coax cable alarm cable to annunciating panel Cable from booster to for Sentry remote monitoring Class A Public Safety BDA Specifications cooling Supply Connections ID 2AXVJPSBG 2A Part 90 x 17.2 x 8.0 in band 60W band 80W 100 240 50 60 Hz 24 30 V Female lbs 53 lbs shipped to 140 33 to 60 Arrestor splitter splitter power supply to standard outlet cable TQ 400 coax cable omni directional antennas Island City NY 11101 https toweriq nyc 844 626 7638 2021 TowerIQ Inc Class A Public Safety BDA Components bi directional amplifier with NEMA 4 rated housing mounting kit cable and connector connector power cable power cable and connector Required Components Some component options are listed in table below Not accessories are listed Multiple Inside antennas b omnidirectional domes and or External antenna a directional Yagi panels splitter for inside antennas c TQ 400 ultra low loss interior exterior cable 50 ohm d protector surge suppressor for DC power supply Outdoor Antenna Options Inside Antenna Options Wide Band Dome 50 Antenna 698 2700 MHz Wide Band Panel 50 Antenna 698 2700 MHz Splitters and Couplers Band Couplers 698 2700 MHz Band Splitters 698 2700 MHz Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable Coax Low Loss Coax Low Loss Coax Plenum Fire Rated Coax UL rated for plenum ceilings UL E473791 Wide Band 50 Yagi Antenna 698 2700 MHz connectors to 11 dBi connectors to 4 dBi connectors to 10 dBi IS NOT A CONSUMER DEVICE IT IS DESIGNED FOR INSTALLATION FCC LICENSEES AND QUALIFIED INSTALLERS USERS MUST HAVE FCC LICENSE OR THE EXPRESS CONSENT OF AN FCC LICENSEE TO THIS DEVICE USE MAY RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT FORFEITURE INCLUDING PENALTIES IN EXCESS OF 100,000 FOR EACH VIOLATION 90 Signal Boosters THIS IS A 90.219 CLASS A DEVICE Information Band Class A Booster BDA No Island City NY 11101 https toweriq nyc 844 626 7638 2021 TowerIQ Inc

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