Potter INS-1000 (EU) Nitrogen Generator

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Features potter Intelligen Controller Patent Pending Fully automates the air fill and nitrogen fill procedure Advance leak rate detection Integrated Bypass alarm Web Enabled system can be monitored anywhere there is connectivity Automatically emails trouble alerts and maintenance Integrated 2 HP oil less air compressor included to meet NFPA required 30 minutes fill for 3,407 L 900 Gal at 2,76 BAR kPa 40 PSI Handles up to 12,870 L 3,400 Gal of total sprinkler system Skid mounted unit easy plug and play installation 20 gallons air tank and 20 gallon nitrogen tank Form C dry contacts for Building Management System BMS FM Approved per Approval Standard 1035 Nitrogen Generators Intelligen Series of Nitrogen Generators are specifically to generate on site 98 purity nitrogen for use in fire sprinkler systems When used as a supervisory gas in fire systems nitrogen slows corrosion improves the life of your and lowers maintenance costs INS 1000 EU utilizes nitrogen membrane technology for separation Nitrogen membranes are highly effective and a cost way of producing on site nitrogen Acting as a gas filter the membrane separates the oxygen and water vapor molecules the air from the nitrogen molecules The high purity nitrogen gas then piped through the air maintenance device and into the fire system As the system fills with nitrogen the remaining molecules in the fire protection system are exhausted by using Potter IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve Potter IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve monitors the fire system to ensure high purity nitrogen is consistent the sprinkler system INS 1000 EU is a fully assembled package ready to be to a new or existing fire sprinkler system This turn key includes an integrated air compressor nitrogen membrane all filtration equipment tanks and the Potter IntelliGen Controller Potter IntelliGen Controller ensures the contractor the easiest and operation of any nitrogen generator system in the industry unit is designed to be turned on and walk away The built in capabilities will make corrections and alert you to any changes Specifications 54 x 1067mm 42 x 813mm 32 kg 450 lbs 7A single phase 50HZ and 380 440VAC 5A phase 50HZ Supply in Sprinkler Connection Holes Working Range Female BSPT 14,29mm 9 16 BAR 724 kPa 105 PSI 50 to 43 110 Potter INS 1000 EU should be installed in a dry clean and well room with ambient temperatures above 10 at all times access to the front for service and place the unit in a location that conveniently located near fire sprinkler system connections a drain a dedicated electrical connection The Potter IntelliGen Nitrogen should always be installed in an adequately ventilated room release of nitrogen gas into an enclosed space displaces the and can cause an asphyxiation hazard For detailed installation operation instructions please refer to the Potter IntelliGen Generator Manual 5403652 page 1 OF 2 EU IntelliGen Nitrogen Generator8820039 REV E 2 20Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com 1 mm 3 mm mm mm Information Number EU 220 240VAC 1PH 50 HZ EU 380 440VAC 3PH 50HZ LITER 20 GALLON NITROGEN TANK 12 LONG FLEXIBLE STEEL HOSE BSPT NITROGEN CONNECTION LITER 20 GALLON AIR TANK CONNECTION TO FLOOR DRAIN USING 3 8 X 3050mm 10 TO CONNECT TUBE 2 DISPLAY 4 ON OFF SWITCH 1 2 OR M21 3 4 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION 1 2 KNOCKOUT FOR AND NETWORK CONNECTION HOLE 4 PLCS Nitrogen System 1000 EU 220 240VAC Single Phase 50 HZ Nitrogen System 1000 EU 380 440VAC Three Phase 50 HZ Nitrogen Purge Valve Purge Valve Air Maintenance Device Nitrogen Analyzer page 2 OF 2 REV E 2 20Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comINS 1000 EU IntelliGen Nitrogen Generatorfirealarmresources com

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