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TN51318e 0 01.06 2011 Manual MOM 4 Monitored Output Module TO THE INSTALLER manual provides an overview and the installation instructions for the Monitored Output Module MOM 4 module is only compatible with addressable fire systems that utilize the Potter Nohmi addressable loop wiring signal line circuit is power limited Power supply for terminals 24 and 24 must be supplied a UL 1481 power limited power supply so that the wiring for terminals OUT OUT is power limited All should be wired in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 70 NEC and NFPA 72 National Fire Code Failure to follow the wiring diagrams in the following pages will cause the system to not operate intended For further information refer to the control panel installation instructions There is a possibility that the relay in MOM 4 module has been accidentally set to latched during shipment This would mean the module is in the activated state and the improper wire could damage the module or other equipment THE INSTALLER MUST ENSURE THAT THE LINE CIRCUIT SLC IS CONNECTED BEFORE CONNECTING 24VDC If power is applied to the 24 and 24 and the output is the activated condition a short circuit of the OUT OUT wires may the module If this should occur the performance of the Addressable Module must be replaced module shall only be installed with listed control panels Refer to the control panel installation manual for system operation Description MOM 4 module provides a programmable source of power to control and operate output devices it continuously supervises wiring connected to terminals OUT OUT for open or short circuits 24 and 24 when 24VDC is applied employs one red LED to indicate the status In normal condition the LED flashes When the output is the LED will turn on constantly In case of trouble the LED will turn off system allows maximum 13 points illuminating constantly therefore if additional devices are in the alarm the LED will flash rather than latch on steady Setting the Address addressable module smoke sensor heat detector and combination sensor detector must have the set prior connecting the device to the SLC loop The address is set using the hand held device to connecting a device to the SLC loop the following precautions should be taken to prevent potential to SLC or device Verify the following before proceeding Document discrepancies and notify personnel Power in the Addressable Module is removed Field wiring on the module is correctly installed wiring has no open or short circuits Wiring diagram as a Notification Circuit 1 Output Connected to a Notification Appliance Circuit The following synchronization modules may be used for strobe synchronization SM 12 24 Wheelock DSM 12 24 Wheelock SMD10 3A AMSECO In the case of connecting above described module to module for NAC synchronization The interconnection between the MOM 4 and the output shall be within a common enclosure The circuit connections extended to additional fire alarm control unit equipment is required to be within 20 feet 6.1m of each other and be enclosed within conduit or equivalently against mechanical injury Refer to respective Sync Module manuals for the proper wire connection method and limitations When notification appliances are connected to the MOM 4 additional MOM 4 modules should be by a short circuit isolator SCI If wiring Class A Style 7 then each MOM 4 is required have its own listed UL 1481 power supply When notification appliances are connected to the module the resistance values of terminals OUT must be less than R max below max 24V V min It min Min operating voltage of connected device Total of operating current of connected device ampere Installation Instructions 4 Installation into the compatible electrical box Max supervising current for external 24 VDC input power Specifications Rated voltage range of SLC input power S S Maximum SLC 24 VDC standby current S S Maximum SLC 24 VDC alarm current S S Rating for connected device power Releasing device and NAC resistor value for notification appliance device for releasing device Wiring style Maximum wiring resistance of output circuit wiring Maximum wiring capacitance of output circuit wiring Operating temperature range Operating humidity range Maximum no of module per loop Dimensions Applicable electrical box for installation to 24.0V 2A Class B Style Y with diode to Section 3 Wiring diagram to 120 0 to 49 to 93 non condensing units H 4.17 W 1.14 D 2 gang box 4 box 1 1 2 box instructions do not purport to cover all the details or variations in the equipment described nor provide every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation operation and maintenance subject to change without prior notification Technical Assistance contact Potter Electric Signal Company at 800 325 3936 performance is based on proper application of the product by a qualified professional further information be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently the purchaser purpose the matter should be referred to Potter Nohmi or a distributor in your region Electric Signal Company LLC Park 370 Place Hazelwood MO 63042 USA 866 956 1211 http www pottersignal com

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