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INTRODUCTION CAN ULC LISTED PRODUCT INFORMATION IS FOUND ON PAGE 2 Potter Electric MHT 1224 is a high quality remote audible signaling appliance rated a of 75 85dBA at 10 feet This appliance is ideal for applications where a alarm signal is required in hotels dormitories apartments and other LOCATION appliance is intended for use in fire protective signaling systems and is to be installed accordance with the applicable requirements of NFPA 72 and the local authorities having The MHT 1224 is intended for indoor installation only This appliance is not for outdoor applications INSTALLATION AND WIRING Dimensions BOXES Box Box Box Switch Box 3 3 4 x 2 5 16 approx A MOUNTING BOX MUST BE INSTALLED FOR EACH REMOTE APPLIANCE CONNECTIONS The MHT 1224 has two terminals for power in and power out supply circuits Make the wire connections as follows Positive to the terminal and negative to x 2 1 8 approx x 2 approx with conduit knockouts x 2 approx with and concentric knockouts Wide X 4.48 High X 0.5 Deep terminal Run a minimum 18 gauge insulated conductor from the signaling appliance in the Use ANSI UL Listed Class 1 wire DO NOT USE LOOPED WIRE UNDER TERMINALS BREAK WIRE RUN TO SUPERVISION OF CONNECTION VOLTAGE SUPPLIED TO SIGNAL WHEN THE PANEL IS LATCHED NFPA 72 REQUIRES THAT AN AUDIBLE SIGNAL APPLIANCE THAT EMITS A SIGNAL WHILE ENERGIZED HAVE A TEMPORAL PATTERN ON IT IF THE ALARM SIGNAL IS INTENDED TO EVACUATE THE the MHT 1224 unit to the mounted rough in box TO SYNCHRONIZE THE MHT 1224 USE THE AVSM CONTROL MODULE Secure the unit to the box using the two mounting screws supplied When installing route field wiring away from sharp projections corners and components The MHT 1224 is a temporal 3 or continuous tone unit The device is factory set temporal 3 mode To enable continuous tone break jumper on back of unit as in DIAGRAM 2 ONCE JUMPER HAS BEEN BROKEN THE OPTION TO REVERT FROM TO TEMPORAL 3 TONE IS NOT POSSIBLE DO NOT BREAK JUMPER TEMPORAL 3 TONE IS NEEDED SERIES CAN ULC COMPLIANT REMOTE AUDIBLE APPLIANCE screwdriver to jumper for tone NOT BREAK IF 3 IS NEEDED 1 CHECKOUT AND TROUBLESHOOTING Supply power to the system control panel The auxiliary alarms in the system should 2 alarm alarm is heard Check all smoke and fire detection units in the system to make sure that they have Check all wiring connections to make sure detection circuits are not reversed or been activated together To test the auxiliary alarms circuit trip the alarm circuit at the main control panel or one of the fire detection units in the system All auxiliary alarms should be Always perform an operational test on this product on a regular basis after installation Electric suggests that this regularly scheduled testing be performed at least twice year or more often as may be dictated by the local authorities having jurisdiction THESE TESTING AND TROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS ARE PLEASE REFER TO THE SYSTEM CONTROL PANEL OPERATING FOR PROPER OPERATION OF THE PANEL AND FIRE DETECTION appliance will not operate without electrical power As fires cause power interruptions we suggest you discuss further with your local fire protection specialist ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS HORN DECIBEL RATINGS REVERBERANT ROOM SPL SPL Mode Per Per 24VDC 12VDC 3 Tone Tone dBA dBA dBA dBA RATINGS OVER INPUT RANGE OF 16 33V Max Max mA mA RATINGS OVER INPUT RANGE OF 8 17.5V Max Max mA mA 3 DC VOLTAGE RANGE LIMITS 8 17.5V AND 16 33V FWR VOLTAGE RANGE LIMITS AND 16 33V THIS PRODUCT WAS ONLY TESTED TO THE STATED RANGE S DO NOT APPLY 80 AND 110 OF THIS RANGE FOR OPERATION THE THREE PULSE TEMPORAL PATTERN IS TO BE USED FOR EVACUATION USE THE SOUND OUTPUT FOR THE TEMPORAL 3 TONE IS RATED LOWER SINCE THE THE HORN IS OFF IS AVERAGED INTO THE SOUND OUTPUT RATING THE HORN IS PRODUCING A TONE IN THE TEMPORAL 3 MODE ITS PRESSURE IS THE SAME AS THE CONTINUOUS MODE UNITS HAVE TESTED TO 0 49 AND 93 HUMIDITY TO RETURN A MHT 1224 UNIT you experience problems with your MHT 1224 unit proceed as follows Turn off electrical power to the auxiliary alarm circuit Unscrew the unit from the mounting box Disconnect the MHT 1224 from the field wiring Reconnect the two positive supply voltage circuits and the two negative supply voltage circuits of the auxiliary alarm circuit to maintain power to Carefully pack the unit the manufacturer cannot be responsible for consequential damage Include your return address and complete details as to the nature of difficulties being experienced auxiliary alarm appliances in the system the date of installation Prior to returning contact Potter Electric Signal Company for RMA Number at 1 800 325 3936 INSTRUCTIONS FOR REMOTE AUDIBLE APPLIANCE INFORMATION appliance is intended to provide an audible for the purpose of life safety and property The MHT 1224 horn is listed in compliance with CAN ULC S525 This appliance is for use in Fire Alarm Systems and is to be installed in accordance with this manual the Building Code of Canada CAN ULC S524 and local codes that provide standards on appliances for protective signaling systems Wiring is to be in accordance with CSA Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 Safety Standard for Electrical Installations Sec 32 Sound Characteristic Horn Angle dBA dBA dBA dBA Angle NO MEASURED LOSS MHT 1224 CURRENT RATINGS Current Ratings Over Voltage Range of 16 33V Mode 24 VDC Max Current mA 24 VFWR Max Current mA 3 HORN DECIBEL RATINGS IN ULC ANECHOIC ROOM dBA 3 meters Mode 24 VDC SPL Rating 24 VFWR SPL Rating VDC Nominal VFWR Nominal Rating Rating 3 THE NATIONAL BUILDING CODE AND CAN ULC S525 REQUIRES THAT ALL USED FOR BUILDING EVACUATION PRODUCE TEMPORAL CODED THE SOUND OUTPUT FOR THE TEMPORAL 3 TONE IS RATED LOWER SINCE TIME THE HORN IS OFF IS AVERAGED INTO THE SOUND OUT PUT UNITS HAVE BEEN TESTED TO 0 49 AND 93 HUMIDITY WARRANTY a period of 60 months from the date of manufacture or as long as required by applicable law Potter Electrical Signal Company LLC warrants to you the original purchaser that your appliance will be free defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service warranty does not apply and is void if damage or failure is caused by accident abuse misuse abnormal use faulty installation liquid contact fire earthquake or other external cause the appliance outside Potter Electrical Signal Company LLC published guidelines or service alteration maintenance or repairs performed by anyone other than Potter Electrical Company LLC This warranty also does not apply to consumable parts such as batteries cosmetic damage including but not limited to scratches or dents defects caused by normal wear tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the appliance or if any serial number has been removed or defaced from the appliance THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW THIS WARRANTY AND THE REMEDIES SET FORTH HEREIN ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES REMEDIES AND CONDITIONS ORAL WRITTEN STATUTORY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED POTTER ELECTRICAL SIGNAL COMPANY LLC DISCLAIMS ALL STATUTORY AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND WARRANTIES AGAINST HIDDEN OR LATENT DEFECTS TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW TO EXTENT SUCH WARRANTIES CANNOT BE DISCLAIMED SUCH IMPLIED WARRANTIES SHALL APPLY ONLY FOR THE WARRANTY PERIOD SPECIFIED ABOVE PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME STATES AND PROVINCES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATION ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION LASTS SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU EXCEPT AS IN THIS WARRANTY AND TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW POTTER ELECTRICAL SIGNAL COMPANY LLC WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT SPECIAL INCIDENTAL OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY

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