Potter LED-AN LED Annunciator for PFC-8500

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LED AN ANNUNCIATOR Current Current Operating Temp Wire Length Annunciators H x W x D Gauge mA mA 32 AWG 22 AWG Class B Wiring Example 7165 0328 0196 includes a 5 year warranty LED AN is a LED remote annunciator for the PFC 8060 and addressable fire control panel The LED AN communicates a RS 485 connection to the main panel providing common of Alarms Supervisory Trouble and other system status control functions LED AN features 14 front panel L E D s with LED for Power Supervisory Trouble and Silenced conditions It can be on a 2 gang electrical box or a standard 4 sqaure box The keypad is only operable when a key locked switch is set to the enable position in accordance with installation manual 5403556 LED AN is connected to the PFC 8500 using a four wire RS 485 The connection is power limited and supervised Up to 31 remote annunciators can be connected using Class 4 wiring Characteristics RS 485 maimum wire length is 4000 feet 1219.2 meters wiring resistance is less than 40 ohms capacitance between wiring is less than 0.4 micro F of the farthest annunciator shall be shorted and JP of other shall be open connection to ground of 10,000 ohms will be annunciatedas ground fault annunciators must be mounted on either a 2 gang or 4 inch square electrical box Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8830026 REV B1 1 OF 2 Settings Switch 1 of Dip Switch S1 set on after that input 24 VDC to TB1 ANNUNCIATOR The LED AN shows LED display as follows digit of number digit of number The tens digit of the assigned number by LAMP TEST key SIGNAL SILENCE key After that push ACK key Set the units digit of the assigned number by LAMP TEST key SIGNAL SILENCE key After that push ACK key Switch 1 of Dip switch S1 set off LED AN will proceed to initializing IN USA 8830026 REV B1 2 OF 2

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