Potter MAS Agent Release Fire Suppression Pull and Abort Station

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MAS Agent Release Fire Suppression and Abort Station and cUL Listed CSFM Listed 6 x 6 x 3 1 Indoor Use Only Wiring Power Limited Station Specifications Amp 30 VDC Pull Action Action models are available Connectors Use glass break rod Push Button Specifications Amps 24 VDC 5 mA minimum Open Momentary Type Specifications contractor shall furnish and install a combination Agent Release Suppression pull station and abort switch The pull station shall die cast metal with a T type pull handle that is ADA compliant activated the handle cannot be restored to the normal position opening the front of the pull station Opening the pull station a normal state shall cause the device to activate The abort button be a momentary push button type switch The pull station and switch shall be combined on a single stainless steel plate The shall come with a back box for surface mounting and shall be of being flush mounted with an available bezel Mount Electrical Box NEMA 1 screw cover 6 X 6 X 3 Mount Bezel 7 x 7 Information Red Agent Release Pull Station Yellow Fire Suppression Pull Station 3001011 Mounting Plate for Manual Station 3001012 Flush Mount Bezel Potter MAS Switch is designed to be used with any releasing The device consists of a manual pull station and a push button switch This device is designed for indoor use only Abort Switch and backbox suitable for RMS pullstations identified below MAS Agent Release fire Suppression Abort Station was as a way to mount manual pull stations and abort buttons in convenient and attractive NEMA 1 rated metal enclosure This unit capable of being surface mounted or flush mounted using 5370559 RMS 1T Release Pull Station Red As Shown and RMS 1T are single pole single throw die cast aluminum electrical This pull station has a 0.5 amp snap action switch and terminal block for the ease of wire connections All of the is completely coated to inhibit corrosion and provide for a and quality finish The standard model has a hex key reset wiring diagrams are included with the product are other Listed pull stations available upon request Potter for available models abort switch is a normally open momentary type Potter single action series of pull stations operate by pulling the operating handle straight down and the handle will lock into The station is reset by opening the front and placing the handle the normal non pulled position The abort switch is a momentary button Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 866 956 0988 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA Mfg 5401519 REV B PAgE 1 Of 1 flush Mount Bezel Number 5370559

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