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NITROGEN MAINTENANCE To keep supervisory nitrogen or air pressure at the correct level in and preaction sprinkler systems Also used for the same purpose in the dry line of a dry pilot actuated deluge valve NAMD 1119660 UL cUL CE 35 140 1.6 60 and up to 99 relative humidity Connection Inch NPT Female 200psi 13.79 bar Max Bulletin 5403713 Requirements NFPA 13 2019 section requires that each dry pipe with an air compressor capable of supplying equal to or greater than 5.5 160 L min at 10 psi 0.7 bar be provided with a listed dedicated air device Questions How does an Air Maintenance Device AMD work The AMD reduces the downstream pressure to the level required provided the valve manufacturer and allows small amounts of air nitrogen to enter system through a 3 32 orifice as needed for small leaks When the system the sudden loss of air nitrogen overcomes the AMD ability to supply through the small orifice and allows the valve to open Where does the AMD get installed The AMD is installed between an air or nitrogen supply which is at a higher than the pressure needed for the system to properly operate and the or preaction sprinkler system E A T U R E S Corrosion resistant all brass 2 dial pressure gauge included Easily adjusted without tools Information Air Device View more information about the Nitrogen Air Maintenance Device including Specs Visit pttr us NAMD Electric Signal Company LLC sales pottersignal com 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com

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