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Peer to peer on a dedicated ethernet or fiber for up to 200 compatible fire panels peer to peer networking solution all new and existing IPA Series AFC and PFC 4064 fire alarm panels to on a dedicated ethernet or network networked users can allow point control panels use a single panel for central reporting for a network and employ annunciators for total system control up to 200 panels the simple installation of an ethernet or P Link card and a panel firmware users can network their existing systems the need of purchasing new fire panels programming the network is done Potter Panel Programming Software does not require an additional application Networking Cards take advantage of peer to peer networking a Networking Card is required Depending the application two options are available Ethernet Networking Card Provides transient earth fault detection on standard ethernet wiring Ports 1 4 are transient protected Dip switches used to set class of wiring Fiber Optic Networking Card Provides long range network capability via fiber Utilizes SFP small form pluggable modules for selecting multi mode or single mode Dip switches used to set class of wiring and Fiber cards are interoperable and both types can be within a network When using fiber both single mode or multi can be utilized matching a building existing infrastructure Features Points points allow a network to be so that one panel event can an action in one or multiple other panels Potter Panel Programming Software can drag and drop these input output to build complex actions with little Communicator enables a single panel to act as host communicator eliminating costly on multiple panels This means an entire network can reliably and swiftly to a central station Annunciators Potter Panel Programming Software can easily convert a standard RA 6500 annunciator or 160 character panel into a network annunciator capable of and controlling any networked panel allows for network wide control without need for new proprietary hardware Speed peer to peer network features a of up to 200 fire panels allowing for installations across even the largest and campuses Taking advantage of speed network infrastructure and smart technology complex programs can distributed to a network of panels within Conventional PFC 4064 conventional fire panel a P Link circuit enabling the of an ethernet or fiber network This uniquely allows networks to be with both addressable and conventional panels more information on Potter Peer to Peer Networking visit

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