Potter NCPR Nitrogen Cylinder Pressure Regulator with Hose

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Features Easily connects a Nitrogen Cylinder to the AquaN2 Kit Regulates pressure for the AquaN2 Kit to properly perform it Equipped with a quick disconnect coupler two stage inert gas regulator comes equipped with a 10 ft hose easily connects the Nitrogen Cylinder to the Nitrogen Injection NIM of the Aqua N2 Kit It has two easy to read gauges to proper pressure during filling in accordance with AquaN2 Installation Manual 5401540 Specifications Regulator Pressure Range Connection Connection PSIG PSIG Industrial Quick Disconnect Specifications Hose Pressure PSI ft Quick Disconnect Plug Quick Disconnect Coupler Information Pressure with No 0 80 PSI Nitrogen Regulator 10 FT hose with quick PAGE 1 OF 1 Cylinder Pressure Regulator with Hose 5401541 REV A 5 15Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com

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