Potter NGP-500D Nitrogen Generator with 500 Gallon Largest Riser Fill and 1,200 gallons of Total Sprinkler System Capacity

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Features Complete skid mounted unit easy plug and play installation Integrated 1 HP oil less air compressor needed for NFPA 13 required minutes fill for 500 gallon system at 40 PSI Handles up to 1200 gallons of total sprinkler system capacity based NFPA 13 allowable leak rates for a new sprinkler system Premium nitrogen membrane UL 508A listed industrial control panel Requires only one power connection Built in Programmable Logic Controller for leak detection and air alarm systems Form C dry contacts for Building Management System BMS 20 gallon air tank and 30 gallon nitrogen tank Fits through standard 32 door Includes all filters relief valves automatic drains and gauges Potter Nitrogen Generator NGP 500D is specifically designed to on site high purity nitrogen for use in fire protection sprinkler When used as a supervisory gas in fire sprinkler systems slows corrosion improves the life of your system and lowers costs Potter Nitrogen Generators are fully assembled ready to be connected to a new or existing fire sprinkler These turn key systems include all air filtration equipment an compressor nitrogen membrane as well as tanks required to keep generator operating at peak efficiency Potter Nitrogen Generator provide a low cost reliable and efficient method of producing minimum of 98 nitrogen at the point of usage NGP 500D utilizes nitrogen membrane technology for gas Nitrogen membranes are highly effective and a cost way of producing on site nitrogen Acting as a filter the oxygen and water vapor molecules can pass through the quickly The larger nitrogen molecules are less likely diffuse through the separator tubes therefore they continue to the separator outlet through the air maintenance device into the fire protection system As the system fills with nitrogen remaining oxygen molecules in the fire protection system are by using the Potter IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve The IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve will periodically monitor fire protection system to ensure high purity nitrogen is consistent the sprinkler system Potter NGP 500D should be installed in a dry clean and well room with ambient temperatures above 50 at all times access to the front for service and place the unit in a location is conveniently located near fire sprinkler system connections and drain Potter Nitrogen Generator should always be installed in an ventilated room Nitrogen is nontoxic and largely inert release of nitrogen gas into an enclosed space displaces the and can cause an asphyxiation hazard Inhalation of nitrogen excessive concentrations can result in unconsciousness without any symptoms detailed installation and operation instructions please refer to the Nitrogen Generator Manual 5401548 Specifications HxWxD x 41 x 28 lbs in 115V 18A 208V 7.7A 9.0A single phase and 208V 4.5A 4.4A 460V 2.2A three phase Supply Sprinkler System Holes Operating Pressure Range Purity Female NPT PSI 10 to 110 43 Class 1.4.1 or better Free of water 38 Dew Point compressor oil 0.008 or 01 mg m3 hydrocarbons and 0.01 microns PAGE 1 OF 2 Generator8820023 REV A 7 15Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com 1 MOUNTING HOLES PLCS LESS AIR CHG NO LESS AIR TANK PRESSURE LESS AIR LESS AIR MOUNTING HOLES PLCS MOUNTING HOLES PLCS PLCS MOUNTING HOLES VALVE ON LIGHT SOLENOID LIGHT LIGHT HORN PRESSURE GAUGE PRESSURE GAUGE 5 8 3 8 VALVE RELIEF VALVE VALVE 1 4 VALVE CONNECTION OD TUBING PUSH TO 5 8 5 8 3 8 3 8 5 8 CONDUIT PLCS 3 8 3 8 7 8 3 8 CONNECTION CONNECTION OD TUBING PUSH TO OD TUBING PUSH TO CONNECTION OD TUBING PUSH TO 5 8 1 4 TYP PLCS 3 8 3 8 3 8 1 4 1 4 1 4 5 8 5 8 TYP PLCS TYP PLCS TYP PLCS 500D 1A 500D 2B 500D 3B 500D 4B PHASE 115V PHASE 208V PHASE 230V PHASE 208V PHASE 230V PHASE 460V No Information ON LIGHT SOLENOID LIGHT SOLENOID LIGHT ON LIGHT ON LIGHT SOLENOID LIGHT LIGHT HORN LIGHT HORN PRESSURE GAUGE LIGHT HORN PRESSURE GAUGE PRESSURE GAUGE RELIEF VALVE RELIEF VALVE PRESSURE SWITCH UNLOADER PRESSURE GAUGE PRESSURE GAUGE PRESSURE GAUGE FNPT NITROGEN CONNECTION PLCS GALLON AIR RELIEF VALVE 1 4 1 4 1 4 CONDUIT PLCS CONDUIT PLCS CONDUIT PLCS GALLON NITROGEN 3 8 7 8 3 8 3 8 7 8 7 8 PRESSURE SWITCH UNLOADER PRESSURE SWITCH UNLOADER PRESSURE SWITCH UNLOADER GALLON AIR GALLON AIR GALLON AIR 1 4 5 8 GALLON NITROGEN GALLON NITROGEN CERTIFIES ALL PARTS SUPPLIED FROM THIS DRAWING HAVE BEEN PRODUCED ITS SPECIFICATIONS AND VENDOR WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REWORK COST SPECIFICATIONS HAVE NOT BEEN MET CERTIFICATION DATA CONTAINED HEREIN SHALL NOT BE USED DUPLICATED OR DISCLOSED IN WHOLE PART OUTSIDE POTTER ELECTRIC INC WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF SAME GALLON NITROGEN ELECTRIC SIGNAL CO GENERATED DRAWING NOT MANUALLY UPDATE NOT SCALE DRAWING DWG NO OF 1 1 4 1 4 1 4 Kit NGP 250D 500D M1 IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Purge Valve Air Maintenance Device No PAGE 2 OF 2 REV A 7 15Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comNGP 500DNitrogen Generatorfirealarmresources com

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