Potter PAD100-NAC Notification Appliance Circuit

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Features Monitored output module that provides an additional supervised Can be used as either a NaC or Releasing Output NaC can be wired Class a or Class B Monitors presence of 24 VDC aux power SLC Class a Class X Class B Mounts in a standard 4 or double gang box Wiring terminals accessible when mounted in box All wiring terminals accept 22 to 12 AWG product includes a 5 year warranty UUKL Listed for Smoke Control paD100 NaC module uses one 1 address on an SLC Loop The provides a programmable source of power to supervise and one 1 Class B or Class A Notification Appliance or one 1 B Releasing Circuit The module requires and supervises a 24 auxiliary power connection The paD100 NaC includes one red to indicate the module status In normal condition the LeD when the device is being polled by the control panel paD100 NaC is compatible with potter Ipa and aFC aRC addressable fire alarm control panels The PAD100 NAC is monitored Notification Appliance Circuit that wires to the SLC to provide an additional notification circuit When used with a addressable releasing panel the paD100 NaC can provide an releasing circuit the Address addressable SLC device must be assigned an address The is set using the DIp switches on the paD100 NaC module connecting a device to the SLC loop take the following to prevent potential damage to the panel or device power to the device is removed Field wiring is correctly installed Field wiring has no open or short circuits Specifications Voltage SLC Standby Current SLC alarm Current power Required Ratings Resistor VDC VDC 2a 3005012 Releasing Not Included to 120 0 to 49 Resistor Diode Temperature Range Humidity Range to 93 non condensing no of Module per Loop Options Weight units 106mm L 4.17 1.14 29mm D 4 Square or gang Box lbs page 1 OF 2 Appliance Circuit8830086 REV D 12 18Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com Using Compatible Electrical Box 1 Diagrams Connected to a Notification Appliance Circuit Class B Wiring Diagram 2 FACP OR MODULE NEXT MODULE 24 POWER FACP Class A Wiring Diagram 3 FACP OR MODULE NEXT MODULE VOLT POWER FROM FACP PREVIOUS MODULE VOLT POWER TO FACP NEXT MODULE FACP OR MODULE NEXT MODULE VOLT POWER FACP Application 4 W CLASS B RESISTOR OHM 3005013 SUITABLE FOR OF CLASS A END OF LINE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR OF APPLIANCES Releasing Solenoid END OF LINE DIODE REQUIRED 305012 EOL DEVICE SHALL BE INSTALLED IN SAME ELCTRICAL ENCLOSURE AS THE DEVICE is possible that the internal relay in the paD100 NaC may be shipped in the non normal activated state To ensure that the internal relay is set to the state connect the module to the SLC loop and reset the control panel before terminating the wiring to the modules output Information No Appliance Circuit 3992707 page 2 OF 2 REV D 12 18Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPAD100 NACNotification Appliance Circuitfirealarmresources com

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