Potter PAD200-PCHD Photoelectric Smoke Heat Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Features Photoelectric Smoke Detection compliant with UL 268 7th Carbon Monoxide CO detection compliant with UL 2075 Heat Detection compliant with UL 268 and UL 521 7th Edition Walk Test mode allows for fast easy validation of CO sensor Low profile less than 2 inches with the base Wide selectable sensitivity range of 1.0 to 3.5 foot Temperature range of 32 F to 115 F Selectable Rate of Rise and or fixed heat detector Fixed temperature range of 135 F to 185 F Sensor communicates sensitivity to control panel UL listed smoke calibration and sensitivity Optional locking tab to prevent unwanted removal Simple DIP switch address setting no programming tool required LED alarm indicator Product includes a 5 year warranty UUKL Listed for Smoke Control PAD200 PCHD is a listed Analog Addressable photoelectric sensor rate of rise and or fixed temperature heat sensor and monoxide CO sensor compatible with fire alarm control that utilize the Potter Addressable Device PAD protocol CO sensing portion utilizes a proven electrochemical sensor for detection of CO gas for life safety applications photoelectric sensor complies with UL 268 7th edition enhanced sensitivity tests It has a wide sensitivity range of 1.0 to 3.5 foot and features drift compensation with built in dirty detector heat sensing portion utilizes a proven thermistor for accurate and heat detection The sensor and the control panel communicate a proven and robust digital communication path and the system the information at the particular device The total polling is less than five 5 seconds well under the UL requirements sensor is compatible with any of the PAD sensor bases and simply on The PAD200 PCHD is addressed using DIP switches in the of the sensor and can be easily programmed in the field without tools the Address addressable device on the SLC loop must have a unique address 1 to 127 to function properly The address is set using DIP connecting a device to the SLC loop take the following to prevent potential damage to SLC or device Verify the to the device is removed wiring is correctly installed wiring has no open or short circuits Specifications Voltage Current Draw indicator VDC LED ft 3.6 11 m 135 to 57 to 79 C set point range of Rise Detection Option temperature relative range time number of per loop number of indicators in per loop without base without 8.3 to 115 F 0 to 46 C to 93 non condensing second White g 4.2 oz 1.94 in 49 mm 3.93 in 100 mm PAGE 1 OF 2 Smoke Heat Carbon Monoxide Detector8830201 REV B 2 22Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com Velocity Ratings PAD200 PCHD has an Open Area of Protection air velocity rating of 0 to 300 feet per minute system has a maximum of 30 LEDs that can be turned on simultaneously If the system already has 30 LEDs on the PAD200 PCHD will operate though the LED may not illuminate PAD200 PCHD is an analog addressable sensor that uses one address on the Signaling Line Circuit SLC of a compatible fire alarm control panel unit communicates with the control panel as it is polled The LEDs flash every time the unit is polled and they will flash at a fast rate if the unit is an active status The polling LED can be turned off if desired for less conspicuous operation PAD200 PCHD with the PAD100 4DB or PAD100 6DB has a low profile of less than two 2 inches to blend into the surrounding environment sensor includes an insect screen to prevent foreign objects from reaching the chamber and the can be cleaned to restore operation of a dirty detector Sensitivity PAD200 PCHD and the compatible control panel work in tandem to keep the sensitivity consistent As the sensor is installed over time the sensor for the dirt in the unit until it is out of range At that time the panel will indicate a dirty sensor The sensor will then have to be cleaned replaced PAD200 PCHD can be programmed to provide a maintenance alert prior to reaching the dirty sensor level which will allow for intervention prior the sensor going into trouble This allows for sensor replacement or cleaning prior to a nuisance trouble occurs As required by NFPA do not install the sensors until all construction is complete and the work area has been thoroughly cleaned If the sensors been installed in a construction environment they should be cleaned or replaced before the system is placed into service PAD200 PCHD is UL listed with a recommended maximum spacing of 30 feet Refer to NFPA 72 for specific information regarding detector placement and special applications Bases bases will mount on a single gang double gang octagon 4 square or mud ring electrical box No Standard Base Standard Base base with an isolator module included base with one Form C relay contact 2A 30VDC 0.5A 125VAC base with sounder module included Sound pattern is provided from external source 3992729 base with speaker included Information Photoelectric Smoke Heat Carbon Monoxide Detector No PAGE 2 OF 2 REV B 2 22Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPAD200 PCHDPhotoelectric Smoke Heat Carbon Monoxide Detectorfirealarmresources com

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