Potter PAL-328 Electronic Piezo Alert Buzzer

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A Brand SERIES PIEZO ALERT BUZZER Compelling sound on minimum current Operates on 3V DC 28V DC High reliability and exceptional long life Mulit functional mounting method number PAL 328 4050001 PAL 328N 4050002 Piezo Alert is an advanced electronic audible signal device that emits a compelling sound with minimum current draw This solid state device from as little as 3VDC to as much as 28VDC and is rated at 20mA Sound output is proportional to input voltages and ranges from a of 68dB to over 100dB at 28VDC at 1 ft The piezo electronic contact points give it high reliability and an exceptional long life The alert signal operates in free air only It is not compatible with under water applications The recommended operating range is from 13 to 25 to 70 This UL recognized Piezo alert is available in two models PAL 328N and PAL 328 Both models have a black finish PAL 328N has a multi functional mounting method By simply unscrewing the face nut it can be inserted into any standard or 1 hole Screwing it back into place will provide solid mounting Located on either side of the base are two loops Insert screws into the and the unit can be surface mounted The PAL 328 Model can only be installed utilizing the two loops with screws PAL 328 series Piezo buzzers operate when an audible frequency is applied from a transistor to an oscillator plate containing a piezo element and metallic vibrating plate is important when installing the PAL Series Buzzer within any enclosed area to remove any obstruction in front of the buzzer Any object too to the buzzer may minimize the sound output Voltage Current Output LIfe Voltage 28V DC max at 28V DC dB at 1 meter hours V Max inches mm 1 2 39.5 Temperature 158 25 70 Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8900117 REV B 1 OF 1

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