Potter PAM-1 Relay Technical Bulletin

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5 2021 Relay Technical Bulletin PAM series of relays including the PAM 1 are listed to UL864 Standard for Control Units and for Fire Alarm Systems to be installed to both NFPA 70 National Electrical Code and 72 Nation Fire Alarm and Signaling Code PAM series of relays including the PAM 1 are designed and listed to be installed in strictly dry indoor with the intended use for fire alarm control or status feedback PAM series of relay including the PAM 1 are marked for DRY INDOOR USE and are not intended listed for use in any Marine or SIL rated applications which void the parameters of a dry indoor result of installing the PAM series including the PAM 1 relays outside UL864 applications outside 70 and or NFPA 72 installation practices or in marine applications can result in electrical malfunction and or fire other modern electronic devices the PAM series of relays including the PAM 1 are vulnerable to failure and or malfunction in applications where they are subjected to over voltage excessive system harmonics and or unmitigated system transients Sources can include are not limited to lightning strikes unbalanced electrical circuits overloaded electrical circuits or electrical systems Products and Controls recommends the removal of installations of the PAM series including PAM 1 where they are installed outside of UL864 listed applications and are not installed to NFPA 70 NFPA 72 installation codes and or outside a suitable enclosure Please contact an Air Products Controls Technical Specialist at 248 332 3900 for suitable solutions in these applications Products and Controls Engineering 1 248 332 3900 tech support apollo fire com Corporate Drive Auburn Hills MI 48326 USA 1 248 332 3900 f 1 248 332 8807 e salesUSA apollo fire com

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