Potter PFC-4410RC Conventional Releasing Control Panel

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Multi Hazard Operation Four Class B Initiating Circuits Two Class B Supervisory Circuits Four Class B Output Circuits Programmable Cross Zoning Supervised Microprocessor 32 Character Alpha Numeric LCD Display Custom Banner Message and Zone Description text Custom Zone Description Text On Board Menu Driven Programming Controls Releasing Circuits Protected From False Activation Continuous or Timed Discharge 40 Event History Buffer Walktest with Automatic Time out Alarm Trouble Supervisory and Waterflow relays Optional Class A Initiating Zone and output module 34 character LED supplemental display 24 Standard Programs in Panel Memory Password Protection for all Programming 24 Hour Clock Suitable for agent or water based extinguishing Programmable pre discharge timers One Class B Abort circuit Defaults to additional supervisory zone in water based mode Four Abort modes Available in Chemical mode only One zone programmable as abort in chemical mode 18 x 14 x 4 and ULC Listed FM Approved NYMEA Accepted CSFM CE Marked and RoHS Compliant Description Potter Model PFC 4410RC is a flexible multi hazard releasing control that is well suited for a number of applications The PFC 4410RC listed for use with pre action and deluge sprinkler suppression systems agent based fire suppression systems panel utilizes a microprocessor based system that has 24 Standard which covers a majority of installations The simple to follow Structure programs the entire system in a matter of minutes In to the Standard Programs the panel allows custom programming accommodate any installation panel is Tenth Edition UL listed ULC listed Factory Mutual State Fire Marshal CSFM New York Materials Equipment MEA Approved CE Marked and RoHS Compliant PFC 4410RC is housed in a durable steel cabinet with removable and key lock The panel is available in either a red or white finish an optional flush mount trim ring is available The cabinet contains on the side back and top of the cabinet to ease installation addition the cabinet will house up to 18 amp hour batteries that will in excess of 90 hours of standby power Zone Releasing Control Red Cabinet Information Number Number Replacement Motherboard 3006230 3005300 for Semi Flush Mounting Red 12V 8AH for 24 hour standby 2 Req 12V 12AH for 24 hour standby 2 Req 12V 18AH for 90 hour standby 2 Req Zone Class A Initiating Circuit Module A Indicating Circuit Module Module for PFC 4410RC Relay Module Annunciator Mount Back Box for RA 4410RC Red Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 1 OF 2 IN USAMFG 5401250 REV D8 20PFC 4410RCRELEASING CONTROL PANELfirealarmresources com Specifications control panel for the extinguishing agent releasing system shall a microprocessor based control capable of protecting multiple in one control panel It shall be Underwriters Laboratories listed under Standard 864 Tenth Edition and Underwriters of Canada for Local Control Units for Releasing Service control shall also be approved by Factory Mutual Research and be compliant with the requirements of NFPA 72 A M SS service types DAC and NC signaling type and NFPA12A NFPA 13 NFPA 15 NFPA 16 NFPA 17 NFPA 750 and NFPA 2001 control shall be housed in an 18 gauge steel cabinet that has a removable door with a key lock The finish shall be baked and available in red with contrasting trim and logo An matching bezel should be available for semi flush mounting cabinet shall have adequate space to house 18 AH standby capable of operating the system for at least 90 hours control shall include a fully supervised integral power charger capable of providing 200mA to the auxiliary circuit It shall also be capable of providing 2.5 Amps to all and notification appliance circuits combined All initiating and auxiliary power circuits shall be power limited control shall have a 32 character 16 characters 2 lines backlit display and a 34 LED supplemental display All diagnostic and event information shall be viewable in text form on this display field programmable custom banner message with the current date time shall be displayed when no current alarm or diagnostic exists operational features of the control panel shall be field using menu driven selections on the alpha numeric and on board controls No special programmer will be and jumpers or switches to configure operational features not be permitted Alarm and trouble indications shall resound required control panel shall be equipped with 24 programs built into the memory 15 for water based extinguishing and 9 for agent In addition the panel shall have the ability to add custom All programming functions shall be password protected control shall have four fully supervised Class B Style B circuits capable of supporting the operation of 25 compatible smoke detectors on each circuit individual circuits shall be selectable through the programming to operate in one of the following modes Conventional Linear Heat Detection up to 700 ohms per zone Manual Low Air Alarm Supervisory Tamper Low Air or High Air Class A modules CA2Z may be added for Class A panel shall have a Low Air Zone that creates a supervisory and can be mapped to a release output control shall have two fully supervised Class B Style B circuits These circuits shall be selectable through the sequence to operate in one of the following modes Tamper Low Air or High Air control shall have one fully supervised class B style B Abort with 4 different operating modes ULI IRI and NYC and 30 control shall have four fully supervised Class B Style Y output These circuits shall be selectable through the programming to operate as one of the following Alarm Notification Supervisory Notification Appliance Trouble Notification or Releasing The optional CAM module may be added to the outputs to Class A panel shall have an RS 485 output and auxiliary power outputs connection and supervision of up to 4 remote annunciators or an Relay Module and 3 annunciators releasing circuits shall be supervised for short circuit conditions shall be programmable for cross zoning operation when required discharge timer for these releasing circuits shall be programmable times of 7 8 9 10 20 minutes or continuous All initiating and circuits shall be capable of being individually disabled or In addition when in the agent extinguishing mode there shall a pre discharge timer adjustable from 0 60 seconds from an alarm or 0 30 seconds from a manual release zone control shall have a test mode that will automatically disable releasing circuits The test mode shall operate in such a manner to automatically reset the initiating circuit and indicating circuits detecting each alarm condition initiated by the test All testing be recorded in the 40 event history buffer The test mode will terminate after twenty minutes of inactivity control shall have four integral relay contacts rated 3 Amps at 30 for connection to external auxiliary equipment One relay shall when an alarm condition occurs another when a trouble signal the third when a supervisory condition occurs and the fourth a waterflow condition and ULC Listed FM Appro

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