Potter PFC-5002 Fire Alarm Control Panel

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PFC 5002 ALARM CONTROL PANEL 2 Class B Style B Initiating Circuits which may be configured as Class A Style D circuit 2 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating Circuits with individual trouble 1.7 Amp max per circuit 2.0 Amp total Each Indicating Circuit can be configured as Silenceable or Non Silenceable Audibles may be configured as Steady Temporal Code California or March time A C ON LED Green Ground Fault LED Amber Battery Trouble LED Amber Zone Disconnect Switches Interface for Remote Indicator Built in Walk Test operation Selectable Alarm Verification on Initiating Circuits Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm and Common Trouble 2.75 Amp Power Supply Output for 4 wire resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 100mA maximum Output for PRTI of 24VDC 300mA max unfiltered Extensive Transient Protection Easy configuration via DIP switches Enitineering Specification fire alarm control panel shall be a two zone fire panel UL listed to the requirements of UL Standard 864 The panel shall also have CSFM listing and New York MEA approval The panel shall utilize microprocessor and be configurable via selectable dipswitches The shall have two Class B initiating zones that may be configured one Class A initiating zone Also the panel shall have two 24 unfiltered Class A B indicating zones that may be configured silencable or nonsilencable The audibles shall be capable of being as steady march time temporal or California Code panel shall have common LED to indicate AC power on common common supervisory common trouble battery trouble ground remote trouble and test Switches shall be provided to disconnect initiating zone individually In addition switches shall be provided signal silence fire drill auxiliary disconnect system reset buzzer and lamp test The panel shall have three sets of form C relays common trouble common supervisory and common alarm panel shall be capable of supporting one DACT Polarity Reversal Tic Module or Relay Module The cabinet shall be constructed of gauge cold rolled steel and have a removable door In addition the shall have a lock installed Provisions shall be provided for a remote indicator In addition the panel shall have resettable power for wire smoke detectors number 3992010 Modules UDACT 9100 Digital Communicator PR 5000 Polarity Reversal and City Tie Module ARM 4 Quad Relay Module ARM 8 Eight Relay Module PFC 5002 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based unit for small commercial residential multi family institutional and occupancies Fully configurable using DIP switches it enables user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements PFC 5002 comes standard with 2 Class B Style B Initiating Circuits may be configured as 1 Class A Style D circuit In addition it equipped with 2 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating circuits which each rated at 1.7 Amps the panel also includes a 2.75 Amp Power which powers the system and supplies a 4 wire resettable regulated power supply of 24 VDC 100mA maximum PFC 5002 utilizes a simple DIP switch configuration which allows the programming of the initiating and indicating circuits as well as enabling and disabling of system functions such as Signal Silence Drill and Auxiliary Disconnect In addition the PFC 5002 allows for Verification on the Initiating circuits The Indicating circuits may be as Silenceable or Non Silenceable with the audibles configured Steady March Time Temporal Code or California Code cabinet is available in a red exterior only A Fire Retardant Lexan in the door allows for viewing of the status LEDs Requirements Input Power 120 volts 60 Hz 2 Amp maximum Indicating 24VDC unfiltered 2.5 Amps maximum Standby Power Standby Batteries Capability 4 12 AH Batteries is provided for two 8 AH batteries 3 4 H x 13 3 4 W x 3 1 8 D electric Signal Company LLC 2081 Craig road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com in U S A 8900102 reV J 1 OF 2 ALARM CONTROL PANEL Information No No Modules Zone Microprocessor Based Fire Alarm Control Panel c w 2 Class B Style B or1 A Style D Initiating Circuit s 2 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating Circuits and 2.75 Amp Power Supply Allows for one UDACT 9100 Digital Communicator or one Polarity Reversal Module or one ARM 4 or ARM 8 Relay Adder Module enclosure c w keylock door Trouble Indicator Alarm Communication Transmitter Dialer Module Requires CFG LCD Reversal City Tie Module for UDACT Relay Module c w 4 configurable relays Relay Module c w 8 configurable relays Only one adder module can be used with the PFC 5002 Volt 4 Amp Hr Battery 2 pcs required per panel Volt 8 Amp Hr Battery 2 pcs required per panel in U S A 8900102 reV J 2 OF 2

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