Potter PFC-8500 127 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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PFC 8500 addressable alarm Control Panel No of Addressable Devices Input Rated Voltage input voltage frequency Power ratings contact output ratings VDC output wiring style VDC maximum output current Loop Wiring Style No of Devices per Loop Loop Circuit Resistance buss wiring style remote annunciator addresses VAC 60 HZ A at 24VDC 20.4 to 26.4 VDC A at 30 VDC resistive Style Y or Z A per output outputs A per output outputs A per output 1.5 A per output Style 4 6 or 7 addresses ohms Style 4 units includes a 5 year warranty PFC 8500 Fire Control Panel has the capability of storing setpoints adding and removing devices as well as defining operational behavior changes are stored in a configuration data file which enables the user to easily configure the systfrom either the FACP or at a remote This flexibility allows ongoing system upgrades and modifications to support building expansion and increased safety objectives panel can be programmed to communicate with addressable modules and supports a total of 127 devices on a single SLC The PFC 8500 be expanded to support up to 508 devices when three 3 ALE 127 modules are configured The panel also contains all the necessary to communicate with all other system components directly including smoke sensors heat detectors and modules operator interface consists of a LCD display system status LEDs a local status buzzer system control switches and a numeric keypad The character LCD display and system status LED communicate the latest system status information to the operator The local buzzer audibly the operator attention during status change occurrences remote annunciator output provides the panel with the ability to interface to remote annunciators The annunciator connection is a protocol operating over an RS 485 style communications bus PFC supervises and maintains the 24 VDC batteries that supply secondary power for the system The PFC has dedicated outputs for the The PFC also supplies 24 VDC output on auxiliary output terminal blocks for use by external devices such as option components as Remote Annunciator and Sounder Base addressable output devices and 4 wire smoke detectors Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 956 1211 Tech Support 866 240 1870 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8830021 REV B 1 OF 3 addressable alarm Control Panel loop accessories control panel may be connected with up to 127 addressable devices or modules in any combination The SLC is not restricted by any special requirements and may be wired with any wire that complies with the NEC Additional loop expanders ALE 127 may be added to increase total number of devices to 508 loop devices Photo Electric Smoke Detector is a smoke detector with a listed obscuration of 1.02 to 3.83 percent per Analog Photo Electric Smoke Heat Detector a smoke detector with a listed obscuration of 1.02 to percent obscuration and a fixed temperature 135 Fahrenheit heat detector Fixed Temperature Heat Detector that is selectable from 135 F to 185 Rate or Rise Heat Detector that has a fixed temperature selection from 135 and 174 and also will if the temperature increase 12 15 in one minute round base that is mounted to an electrical box and wired for connection of one of the above sensors round base that may be mounted to an electrical box and wired for connection to the above sensors base that interrupts a short in a SLC and prevents the short from affecting protected devices on the loop Relay Base that contains two relays controlled by the SLC One relay is rated at 8 amps at 240 and the other is rated at 2 amps 240 VAC 30 VDC Sounder Base that contains and addressable sounder module that may be configured for local group all call The sounder follows the pattern sent to the device Contact Module provides a small foot print contact module for mounting inside an enclosure typically to monitor a pull station Contact Module is a standard contact module with an LED that mounts into a 4 square electrical box The monitors normally open contacts and the LED will provide an indication when the device has activated Contact Module is a device that can monitor two distinct inputs with a single device or in a Class A mode DCM 4 mounts into a 4 square electrical box and has a cover plate with an LED as a status indication Relay Module provides two form C relays that simultaneously active when the module is triggered by the panel Each relay is rated for 2 amps at 24VDC or 0.5 amps at 125VAC Output Module is a power switching module that monitors the circuit that is controlled by the control Input Zone Module is used to connect conventional smoke detectors to the system that receive their from the module This module is like a conventional zone on the SLC Circuit Isolater interrupts a short on the SLC and prevents the short from affecting protected devices on the These or the AIB are required in Class A Style 7 installations IN USA 8830021 REV B 2 OF 3 Circuit diagram Amp NAC addressable alarm Control Panel Monitoring to 3 Loop Adders Circuit Base Detector Base Detector Heat Detector Base FHA Detectors Sounder Contact Relay Circuit Contact Contact Zone Output IN USA 8830021 REV B 3 OF 3

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