Potter PS-24 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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PS 24 DETECTOR ULC and CSFM Listed FM Approved Source GaAIAs Infrared Emitting Diode Voltage 17.7 33.0 VDC Voltage 15.0 33.0 VDC Voltage 42 VDC Current 45 Max at 24 VDC Current 160 Max at 24 VDC Current 150 mA Max at 24 VDC Temperature 32 to 120 0 to 49 Test Feature Automatic Sensitivity window verification test Refer to Potter SB Series Smoke Detector Base series no 8840008 number 1430011 PS 24 photoelectric smoke detector utilizes two bi colored LED indication of status In a normal standby condition the LED flash every 3 seconds When the detector senses that its sensitivity has outside the UL listed sensitivity window the LED will flash red 3 seconds When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm status LED will latch on red detector utilizes an infrared LED light source and silicon photo diode element in the smoke chamber In a normal standby condition receiving element receives no light from the pulsing LED light source the event of a fire smoke enters the detector smoke chamber and light reflected from the smoke particles to the receiving element The light is converted into an electronic signal are processed and compared to a reference level and when two signals exceeding the reference level are received within a period of time the time delay circuit triggers the SCR switch activate the alarm signal The status LED light continuously during alarm period Features Low profile 1.8 high with base 2 or 4 wire base compatibility relay bases available Highly stable operation RF Transient protection Low standby current 45 at 24 VDC Two built in power sensitivity supervision alarm LED Non directional smoke chamber Vandal resistant security locking feature Built in magnetic go no go detector test feature Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined in NFPA 72 Chapter 7 Inspection Testing and Compatible with IS 24 ionization detectors Backwards compatible with Potter PS and IS detectors Compatible with Potter releasing controls PS 24 can be used in all areas where Photoelectric Smoke Detectors required The wide range smoke chamber makes the PS 24 well suited fires ranging from smoldering to flaming fires Series Style bases may be used with the PS 24 Current interchangeable devices are the IS 24 ionization detector Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8840007 REV G 1 oF 2 DETECTOR sensitivity of the detector shall be capable of being measured It shall possible to perform a functional test of the detector without the need generating smoke The sensitivity of the detector shall be monitored and continuously to verify that it is operating within the sensitivity range facilitate installation the detector shall be non polarized Voltage RF transient suppression techniques shall be employed to minimize alarm potential Auxiliary SPDT relays shall be installed where vandal resistant security locking feature shall be used in those as indicated on the drawing The locking feature shall be field when not required subject to change without notice Specifications contractor shall furnish and install where indicated on the plans Model PS 24 photoelectric smoke detectors The combination head and twist lock base shall be UL listed compatible with a listed fire alarm panel base shall permit direct interchange with Potter PS 24H combination detector and IS 24 ionization type smoke detector base shall be appropriate twist lock base SB Series In the event of or complete retrofit the PS 24 may be used in conjunction with as a replacement for Potter detectors PS 24 PS 24H and the IS 24 SB base applications smoke detector shall have two flashing status LED for visual When the detector is in standby condition the LED will green When the detector is outside the UL listed sensitivity window LED will flash red When the detector is actuated the flashing will latch on red The detector may be reset by actuating the panel reset switch normal condition both LED flash green Sensitivity Test Feature PS 24 Photoelectric Smoke Detector has a built in automatic sensitivity test feature When the sensitivity drifts outside of its sensitivity limits both LED flash red When the sensitivity drifts outside of its sensitivity limits and both LED flash red the device needs to be cleaned or returned to the factory the alarm state both LED are red continuously cleaning IN USA 8840007 REV G 2 oF 2

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