Potter PS100-2A Pressure Type Flow Switch

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MODEL PS100 2A TYPE FLOW ULC and CSFM Listed FM and LPC Approved Accepted CE Marked 3 4 12,1cm W x 2 1 4 5,7cm D x 4 3 8 Die cast with textured red powdercoat nish Plated Steel Connection 1 2 NPT Male Adjustment Operates on decrease at 90 PSI 6,2 BAR Range 10 175 PSI 0,7 12,1 BAR Differential 2 lbs at 20 PSI 0,14 1,4 lbs at 175 PSI 0,35 12,1 BAR or Outdoor Use 4 IP55 Rated Enclosure when used with proper System Pressure 250 PSI 17,2 BAR Contacts sets of SPDT Form C Amps at 125 250VAC Amps at 30VDC Speci cations ttings Use Sprinkler or two family dwelling occupancy up to four stories Fire Alarm Code range 40 to 140 40 to 60 for use in hazardous locations for testing the unit can be accomplished with the of a Potter Bleeder Valve Model BVL in the line to PS100 2A The operation of the pressure supervisory switch should be upon completion of installation and periodically thereafter in with the applicable NFPA codes and standards and or the having jurisdiction manufacturer recommends quarterly more frequently Testing the PS100 2A may activate other system devices Double Switch No 1341002 Cover incorporates tamper resistant fasteners that require a key for removal One key is supplied with each device For cover tamper switch kit order Stock No 0090134 Potter PS100 2A is a pressure actuated switch designed to detect a 10 PSI 0,7 BAR decrease from normal system in automatic re sprinkler systems APPLICATION Alarm device on systems with excess AND TEST PROCEDURES Device should mounted in upright position threaded connection down NEMA type 4 conduit hub for outdoor installations SYSTEM With excess pressure Connect PS100 2A in the pressure line on the system side of any shut off or check Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8810003 REV V 5400925 6 06 1 OF 2 PS100 2A TYPE FLOW PREVENT LEAKAGE APPLY TEFLON TAPE TO MALE THREADS ONLY OF PIPE JOINT CEMENT MAY RESULT IN OF APERTURE AND LOSS OF ADJUSTMENTS The operating point of the switch switches on the PS100 2A can be adjusted to any point 10 and 175 PSI by turning the adjustment knob s to raise the actuation point and counter clockwise lower the actuation point In the case of the PS100 2A the switches operate completely independently of one another each switch may be adjusted to actuate at any point the requires Final adjustment should be made with a gauge ALARM 925 1 Y Y Sprinkler Applications System with Excess Pressure Switch Terminations Tamper Switch with Cover in place Electrical Connections Decreasing Pressure Information Terminal Connections Clamping Plate Terminal Pressure switch Valve Valve tamper switch No uninsulated section of a single should not be looped around terminal and serve as two separate The wire must be severed providing supervision of the in the event that the wire dislodged from under the Speci cations type water ow switch shall be a Model PS100 2A as manufactured by Potter Electric Signal Co of St Louis Mo and shall be installed on the sprinkler as shown on the drawings and or as speci ed herein shall be provided with a 1 2 NPT male pressure connection to be connected into the excess pressure supply line on the system side of any shut off A Model BVL Bleeder Valve as supplied by Potter Electric Signal Co of St Louis MO or equivalent shall be connected in line with the PS100A to provide means of testing the operation of the pressure type switch switch unit shall contain two SPDT Form C switches Both switches shall operate when the pressure decreases to 90 PSI 6,2 BAR The switch contacts be rated at 15.0 Amps at 125 250VAC and 2.5 Amps at 30VDC The unit shall have a maximum pressure rating of 250 PSI 17,2 BAR and shall be from 10 to 175 PSI 0,7 to 12,1 BAR switch housing shall be weatherproof and oil resistant The cover shall incorporate tamper resistant screws unit shall be UL ULC and CSFM Listed FM and LPC Approved and NYMEA Accepted IN USA 8810003 REV V 5400925 6 06 2 OF 2

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