Potter PSN-1000 Series Intelligent Notification Power Expander

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Features Up to 31 power supplies per control panel with system wide Amp Power Supply Amps regulated per NAC NACs Class B or 3 NACs Class A dry contact inputs programmable and monitored through control panel P Link repeater connection Class A or B Quadrasync feature synchronizes strobes from AMSECO Cooper Wheelock and System Sensor PSN 1000 series is a UL listed intelligent 10 amp notification supply and P Link RS 485 repeater The power supply to the P Link bus from the control panel and is operated and from the panel The power supply may be installed 6,500 from the control panel The PSN 1000 then repeats the P Link for another 6,500 feet power supply has six 6 Class B or three 3 Class A power Each output is regulated and power limited with a 3 maximum rating In addition the PSN 1000 has two 2 dry contact inputs The dry contact inputs are Class B inputs power supply operates on either 120 or 220 VAC power and a regulated 24 VDC output In addition the panel can charge to 55 AH batteries and will house 18 AH batteries The cabinet constructed out of 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a durable powder coat finish A standard Potter key lock is provided for the door Electrical conduit knockouts are provided on the and top providing installers with multiple options for installing and providing proper power separations PSN 1000 is a self contained intelligent power supply P Link complete with cabinet The PSN 1000E is the intelligent supply P Link repeater with additional cabinet roomfor stacker bracket modules including PAD100 SLCE loop Both cabinets include space for 18 AH batteries 0195 Specifications H x W x D Input Panles 16 3 4 x 16 1 8 x 3 1 2 E 26 x 17.6 x 3.75 16 gauge sheet steel with hinged locked VAC at 50 HZ VAC at 60 HZ Amps 3.0 Amps max draw 60 mA 200 mA to 120 humidity 93 non condensing Series AFC ARC Series PFC 4064 Series PFC 6000 Adressable Series Legacy Product power supplies are programmed and controlled through the main panel P Link bus The panel displays any troubles or off conditions of the power supply and the events are stored in panel history buffer output can be independently configured to provide one of four patterns Amseco Gentex Cooper Wheelock System Sensor The ouputs can be also configured for constant resettable power sounder base power door holder power or without a low AC drop out ANSI temporal Code 3 City Tie be a releasing circuit for 24vdc solenoids PAGE 1 OF 2 Expander8830032 REV E 04 20Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com Information Expander Standard Expander Large Cabinet No PAGE 2 OF 2 REV E 04 20Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPSN 1000 E Power Expanderfirealarmresources com

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