Potter PVX-100 Series 100 Watt Voice Evacuation System

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Features Clean Dead front Construction Digitally Recorded automatic evacuation Message Up to 20 Minutes of Message Capacity 100 Watt Bullet Proof Amplifier 25 or 70 VRMS Field Selectable Class a B Speaker Circuit 120 VaC power Supply and Battery Charger Live Microphone Override of Message and Tone analog addressable Compatible High Reliability No Maintenance Fully Supervised easy Installation and Operation Studio Quality Voice Recordings Built in alarm and alert Signals Works with 12 VDC or 24 VDC Fire alarm panels Works with Microprocessor based and Network Fire alarm Systems 3 Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key 24 Hour Backup with 12V 7AH Batteries Made in the USa pVX 100 operates with any Fire alarm Control panel FaCp and 100 Watts of speaker power The pVX 100 has its own power and battery charger panel must be wired with 120 VaC and batteries connected The pVX 100 is housed in a surface or mounted backbox with a hinged and key locked door digital message repeater DMR is built into the pVX 100 The of alarm tone and automatic message repeats as well as the hour delay of the AC power failure reporting feature is all field paging microphone is an integral component Removal of the from the panel will cause a condition which be reported locally as well as through the FaCp pVX 100 includes all necessary features to provide an effective evacuation system With the addition of zone splitters selection remote microphone panels and expander modules PVX 100 can be custom configured to satisfy the needs of most pVX 100 is approved to provide 520 hz low frequency signaling required by NFpa in sleeping rooms The pVX 100 is listed as with the following speakers electric FaSpKR SpKSTR 24CLp series SpKSTR 24WLp Series SSPKCLP SSPK24WLP Sensor Series SpCW SpCR SpR SpW Specifications power Battery power 1.4a Standby alarm Dimensions WxHxD Watts 25 70 VRMS x 18 x 4 standard Charcoal grey page 1 OF 2 8830042 REV D 12 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPVX 100Voice Evacuation Systemfirealarmresources com Installation Installation Power Limited Notification Appliance Circuit Power Limited Circuit Evacuation Speaker Circuit Power Limited Speaker Circuit if required Power Transformer built into the EVAX 25 Message 15 Seconds Please there has been a report an emergency calmly to the nearest exit and leave building immediately not use the elevators use stairwells necessary handicapped occupants shall use the evacuation plan Status LEDs 3 4 5 6 7 8 3 4 5 6 7 8 V V Specifications voice evacuation system shall be potter pVX 100 or approved The voice evacuation system shall provide 100 watts signal and 100 watts voice power and shall be UL listed The voice shall be micro processor based and shall contain an microphone 100W audio amplifier tone generator digital repeater 120VaC power supply and battery charger voice evacuation message signal shall be broadcast until the Alarm Control Panel FACP is reset or until fire emergency interrupt the broadcast with a manual page On reset system automatically return to standby normal operating condition a message shall be provided which can be triggered by the of a contact from either the FaCp or from any normally open device Remote paging microphone s will be supported by the through a supervised circuit Remote microphone s may be up to 5000 feet away from the voice evacuation panel Information Number Voice evacuation System with Supply Battery Charger Microphone Digital Message Repeater Speaker Zones 4Z Speaker Zones 8Z Speaker Zones 12Z Components Zone Module 4 Class B 2 Class a Circuits 8 Switch LED Card 8 Input LED Card 8 Output LED Card SC Remote MIC Supervisory Card page 2 OF 2 8830042 REV D 12 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPVX 100Voice Evacuation Systemfirealarmresources com

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