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PVX 25 PVX 50 PVX 100 PVX 150 PVX 200 EVACUATION INTERFACE SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS PVX 25 PVX 50 PVX 100 is a self contained amplifier tone generator digital message repeater and supervisory interface It is to be used in conjunction with a UL listed Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP to provide a Listed Voice Evacuation Alarm System FACP provides all initiating circuitry and a signaling circuit to the PVX 25 50 100 The PVX 25 50 100 provides its own internal as well as supervision for its speaker lines Any fault is reported back to the FACP In normal standby the supervisory circuit from panel is connected to a matching EOLR Should the PVX 25 50 100 suffer an internal failure or should there be any fault on the line a contact would open and the FACP would report it as an open fault for that circuit PVX 25 50 100 is designed to be powered from 120 VAC at 60 Hz The PVX 25 will provide 25W to the speaker circuit The PVX 50 provide 50W The PVX 100 will provide 100W Speakers may be 25 or 70 Vrms jumper selected 25V is factory set The PVX 25 50 100 are complete Voice Evacuation Modules PVX 25E 50E 100E are complete modules with built in tone capable of operating as a stand alone Voice Evacuation Systems with only tone and microphone amplification They are not with power transformers or cabinets The PVX 25 25EM 50 50EM 100 100EM 150 150EM 200 200EM are complete Evacuation Panels The PVX 50E 100E are capable of operating as slave amplifiers when connected to the PVX 100 which supplies audio to the slaves Different Model numbers are derived from the amplifier sizes used together These multiple amplifier are factory setup and pre wired When using any PVX 25E 50E 100E refer to installation instructions P N 1 5002 R11.13 150 200 150E 200E 1 PVX 100 1 PVX 100 1 PVX 100E 2 PVX 100E 1 1 PVX 100E 1 PVX 50E Speaker Circuits Speaker Circuits Speaker Circuits Speaker Circuits Installer must ensure that all wiring and devices installed in system meet the following standards National Electrical Code NFPA 70 NFPA Standard 72 Life Safety Code NFPA 101 equipment in a clean dry environment avoid installation where equipment could be subjected to vibration Remove electronic from the enclosure prior to any drilling or punching of the enclosure Where possible make all cable entries from the rear or Before making any modifications to the enclosure be certain that they will not interfere with assemblies or batteries equipment adjacent to FACP or FACP Annunciator to ensure proper reporting and display of system Fault conditions Refer to wiring and terminal designation diagrams Connect speaker lines to TB1 5 6 observe polarity and ensure all speakers are connected likewise For Class A Style Z the are TB1 7 8 Insure that the microphone is attached to connector P2 If Microphone is not installed ensure that switch SN1 8 is in the OFF position Attach the appropriate EOLR for the FACP to TB3 3 4 and TB3 5 6 The TB3 term 5 6 value must be placed at the end of the line as well You must use EOLR value as specified in the FACP Manufacturer installation instructions for the indicating appliance Note if your system includes one or more PVX ZM zone splitters the FACP EOLR is relocated See PVX ZM install instructions P N All accessory cards such as the PVX ZM PVX SL8 PVX IL8 or PVX OL8 must be mounted within the same cabinet or if mounted in separate cabinet be in the same room with all wiring run in conduit Connect FACP signaling circuit to TB1 3 4 Alarm Polarity alarm polarity is shown Connect 120 VAC 60 Hz power to the white Terminal Block on the left side of the cabinet Terminals are Hot Neutral Ground from left right Pre wired to unit and chassis on opposite side of Terminal Block Wire colors Black White Green from left to right Max 10 AWG Once power is on to the unit connect battery wiring harness Red Black Observe polarity Minimum battery size is 24V 7Ah battery size is 18Ah on PVX 25 PVX 50 and 24Ah on PVX 100 use two 2 12V batteries connected in series see typical diagram If the unit does not have its own batteries and relies on an external power supply with battery back up ensure that SN1 7 is in the OFF position NOTE Wiring for batteries is Non Power Limited Care must be taken to ensure that all Power Limited maintain a minimum spacing of from any Non Power Limited wiring If batteries must be located in separate enclosure it must be the same room with a separate conduit run for battery wiring only all power and circuits are connected the Green LED will remain on to indicate that the PVX 25 PVX 50 PVX 100 is fully operational all circuits are nominal 1 5001 R11.15 1 of 8 technical assistance please call Phantom Dr St Louis Missouri 63042 25 PVX 50 PVX 100 DESIGNATIONS 1 2 Power Input 24 32V AC DC NOTE 1 4 3 4 FACP Signal Circuit Input 10mA max Alarm Polarity shown NOTE 1 4 5 6 25 70 Vrms Speaker Loop Style Y Z Class start NOTE 2 4 7 8 25 70 Vrms Speaker Loop Style Z Class return NOTE 2 4 wiring connections wire clamp screw 14 18 AWG wire clamp screw 12 18 AWG wire entry terminal 18 26 AWG gauge determined by circuit load 1 2 NOTE 1 4 FACP Supervisory Circuit installation instructions page 5 2 for details 32V 0.4A Factory set for none J1 Ratings 1A 30VDC to Resistive Load Class II Power or Limited Sources Only Interconnected Must be in Same Room and Within 20 3 4 Signal Supervisory Circuit 5 6 EOLR for speaker circuit 7 NOTE 1 3 5 purpose output pulls to neg on fault condition 32V 0.2A max Not for Fire Signaling use 8 NOTE 1 3,5 input 24 VDC 5mA 1 3 NOTES 1 Intended for connection to Listed Class 2 Class 3 Power Limited sources only 2 Power Limited 3 Non Supervised 4 Supervised 5 Terminating equipment must be installed in same room as 25 PVX 50 PVX 100 2 3 25V Network Detail FACTORY DEFAULT SWITCH JUMPER SETTINGS SN1 OFF 25V OFF Not Use OFF OFF Normal Op OFF Do Not Use OFF No AC Fault Delay ON Battery connected ON Mic connected OFF ON OFF OFF Not Use OFF ON Message On OFF Message ON J1 A B 2 SHORT J2 VRMS 2 3 SHORT VRMS 1 2 SHORT change output voltage unit down move J2 to new change SN1 1 to match J3 3 SHORT R block must be in the R position J5 2 SHORT Ground Fault Enable Std Evac Message Std Evac Tone Cycles Tone 2 of 8 1 Circuit Neg 2 NOTE 1 3 Aux Audio Input 0.5V nominal 1VRMS 1mA max 3 NOTE 1 3 5 PreAmp In Out 600 Ohm 0dBm 4 NOTE 1 3 5 Master Programmable 24VDC Active Slave 24VDC Input 5 NOTE 1 3 5 Signal Active Master Out Slave In 6 NOTE 1 3 Audio Enable 5mA max 7 NOTE 1 3 Aux Signal Activate 24V 32V 5mA max 8 NOTE 2 3 5 Alarm Voltage 24V 0.1A 9 NOTE 2 3 Int V 24V in alarm 0.1A 10 NOTE 2 3 24V 0.1A 11 NOTE 5 PTT 24V 0.1A 4 Pin Connector to Expander 10 Pin Connector connection I2C Pin Connector 24VDC OUTPUT TB2 4 8 9 10 terminals provide a max 200 mA of regulated 24VDC power for auxiliary functions Do not exceed 200 mA load combined on terminals For connection to Listed General Signal devices only Non Fire Protective Signaling applications Terminal 4 is programmed in the system configuration Standard configuration is programmed for TB2 4 to go active 24VDC under conditions Aux Signal Active Aux Audio Enable and Bell Circuit Active Reprogramming of these functions must be done at factory and require updating the system configuration OF AN AUX AUDIO SOURCE TB2 1 2 aux audio source from additional paging equipment may be connected to the PVX 25

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