Potter RA-6075R LCD Releasing Annunciator

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RA 6075R ANNUNCIATOR INSTALLATION mA mA Current Current Temperature 0 32 10 93 30 86 non condensing Wire Length 6500 FT Annunciators 31 WxHxD Gauge x 6 1 4 x 1 5 8 AWG 22 AWG RA 6075R is a LCD remote annunciator for the PFC 6075R releasing fire control panel The RA 6075R communicates a RS 485 connection to the main panel providing common of Alarms Supervisory Trouble and other system status and functions RA 6075R features a 16x2 LCD display with LED for Power Supervisory Trouble and Silenced conditions It also provides and Pre Release LED to indicate releasing status It can be on a single gang electrical box or a two square electrical box annunciator is enclosed in a sheet metal enclosure and has a Potter securing the keypad 1 RA 6075R Class B Wiring Example RA 6075R is connected to the PFC 6075R using a four wire connection The connection is power limited and supervised to thirty one 31 RA 6075R LCD annunciators can be connected Class B or Class A wiring Class A wiring requires an optional Class A Expander in accordance with installation manual 5403594 2 RA 6075R Class A Wiring Example Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 956 1211 Tech Support 866 240 1870 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5406080 REV B 1 OF 2 ANNUNCIATOR INSTALLATION Settings RA 6075R address is set by dip switch S1 located on the back of the RA 6075R The address must be set in the range of 1 to 31 to be by the control panel 3 RA 6075R Class A back panel view SWITCH Switch Settings to the table below for dip switch settings per Annunciator Address Switch Settings Switch Settings IN USA 5406080 REV B 2 OF 2

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