Potter RLY-5 Relay Expander

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Features Mounts with included stacker bracket Provides 5 user configurable relays Contact Rating of 24VDC 3.0a 125 VaC 3.0a Maximum 31 RLY 5s per panel Maximum p Link wire length of 6,500 feet product includes a 5 year warranty UUKL Listed for Smoke Control RLY 5 is a relay expander for compatible Potter fire alarm panels The RLY 5 communicates with the control via the RS 485 p Link communication bus providing 5 configurable relay outputs programmable with the Potter Software RLY 5 is connected to a four wire RS 485 p Link each card is mounted to the exclusive Stacker for secure and accessible mounting This connection power limited and supervised The RLY 5 can be installed in ae 2 ae 8 and ae 14 accessory enclosures The RLY 5 also be installed inside the pSN 1000e Intelligent power and larger control panel enclosures that include space mounting stacker bracket modules Specifications Current VDC pWR Current VDC 33 VDC panels ma alarm ma Standby ma alarm ma Standby Series Series addressable Series product RLY PWR can be provided by any fire listed source power must be 16 VDC VDC and must be power all connections to relay contacts shall be power limited page 1 OF 2 Relay ExpanderPotter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8830127 REv C 12 18firealarmresources com WiRiNg to CoNtRoL paNeL oR poWeR SuppLY exaMpLeS by panel by supply PWR P Link A B PWR P A B from panel from from panel NoRMaLLY opeN aND NoRMaLLY CoNtaCtS Normally Closed Common Normally Open C NO C NO 1 2 C NO C NO C NO 3 4 5 Information Expander No page 2 OF 2 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8830127 REv C 12 18RLY 5 Relay Expanderfirealarmresources com

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