Potter SB24 Series Wall Mount Strobe Bell Combination

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SB24 BELL SERIES Strobe with two eld selectable settings 15cd or 30 cd Designed to meet or exceed NFPA ANSI standards and ADA accessibility giodelines Polarized models with wide listed voltage ranges using ltered DC or un ltered FWR input voltage Wire terminals for in out wiring supervision All models mount to 4 square back box Available in 24VDC polarized models Strobe synchronization requires an Amseco SMD10 3A daisy chain sync module Stickers show selected candela rating Brand S T IN CALIFOR FIRE M A V I SHALL E Bell Select A Strobe Series is designed to be ADA compliant and meet UL standard 1971 requirements for signaling devices for the hearing impaired The strobe features a unique candela intensity tamper proof eld switch for switching the candela output from 15cd to 30cd The selector switch is accessible without the need to the unit The Bell Strobe combination is polarized for connecting to supervised re alarm circuits The bell is driven and draws as little as 12.1mA at 24V DC and is available in 6 8 and 10 Bell Strobe combination is polarized for connecting to supervised re alarm circuits The series is only available with a housing 15cd or 30cd in 24V DC The strobe can be synchronized by using the SMD10 3A sync module to comply with recommendations concerning photosensitive epilepsy when installing two or more visual appliances within the eld of The strobe signals are listed for indoor use ceiling and wall mount under UL 1971 standard SB24 Bell Strobe Series is recommended for use in areas such as meeting rooms schools corridors apartments of ce restaurants hotels and any other application where effective audible visual warning is required by federal state or authority having jurisdiction Information Gong Voltage Output Number Color 6 or 30 or 30 or 30 Module Rating Rating Speci cations visual alarm indicating appliance shall be Amseco model SB24 Bell Strobe Series or equivalent device The strobe shall listed under UL 1971 standard for signaling devices for the hearing impaired and shall be approved for re protective The candela output shall be eld selectable having a dual setting of 15 75 cd or 30 120 cd output The signaling shall operate on 24V DC from a non coded regulated DC supply or full wave recti ed un ltered supply It is designed produce a signal ash of one ash per second with continuously applied minimum voltage The strobe shall be capable of or ceiling mounting to an electrical back box Visual signaling devices shall be mounted to 80 above the highest oor or 6 below ceiling whichever is lowest They are to be installed as per plans and speci cations Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www amseco kai com IN USA MKT 8850042 REV A 1 OF 2 BELL SERIES x 4 x 1 1 2 1 32 9 32 3 8 a jewelers screwdriver select the light output Brand inches mm 3 8 3 8 1 2 Diagram Panel NEXT DEVICE END OF LINE Module NEXT DEVICE END OF LINE Sync module is rated for 3.0 amperes at 24 VDC Next Device or Line Resistor IN USA MKT 8850042 REV A 2 OF 2

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