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A Brand ADA NFPA ANSI compliant Screw terminal capacity up to AWG 12 RBX 1 back box skirt for surface mount optional Available in red or white housing All models mount to 4 back box Speaker is UL 1480 listed for re protective service Speaker eld selectable wattage from 1 and 2 Watts Speaker is available in 25V RMS or 70.7V RMS models Speaker frequency range 400 to 4000 Hz Strobe is UL listed for ceiling and wall mount Strobe has three eld selectable settings 30,75 or 110cd Polarized strobe is operable with 24V regulated DC or FWR 16 33V Synchronization requires SMD10 3A Sync Module ceiling and wall mount re alarm Select A Strobe Speaker Series are designed to generate attention grabbing tones and voice for emergency signaling evacuation applications These highly ef cient low pro le speakers are available with eld selectable taps 1 and 2 Watts The speakers are available in two input voltage models 25V RMS and 70.7V RMS and can be installed on a standard 4 strobe features a unique candela intensity eld selector back box for alternating the candela ouput to 30cd 75cd or 110cd and is polarized for connecting to supervise re alarm circuits The strobe is clearly labeled with lettering and is designed with a xenon ash tube and provides a candela intensity eld selector switch for performance series can be synchronized by using the SMD10 3A daisy chain Sync Module to comply with NFPA recommendations concerning epilepsy when installing two or more visual appliances within the eld of view The strobe signals are designed for non sleeping and are listed for indoor use Information Number Volt Range Out cd Rate Mounting 4660008 4660012 24V DC FWR times and 120 49 Speci cations speaker and visual alarm indicating appliance shall be Amseco Model SSC25 3075110 or SSC70 3075110 or equivalent device The shall be listed under UL 1480 standards for audible and voice communications and shall be approved for re protective service The re speaker shall be capable of reproducing alarm tones or voice commands on 25V RMS or 70.7V RMS Speakers shall provide incremental settings of 1 or 2 Watts They shall have a frequency range of 400 to 4000 Hz and produce UL sound pressure level at 10 feet up to The speaker shall be approved for re alarm signaling use The strobe shall be listed under UL 1971 standard for signaling devices the hearing impaired and shall be approved for re protection service The candela ouput shall be eld selectable having three settings of 75cd or 110cd The signaling strobe shall operate on 24V DC from a non coded regulated DC supply or full wave recti ed un ltered The strobe shall be designed to produce one signal ash per second with continuously applied minimum voltage The strobe may have SPC 1 universal back mounting plate capable of ceiling or wall mounting to a back box When strobe synchronization is required the strobe be compatible with the Amseco SMD10 3A daisy chain or other source of Amseco sync protocol Signaling devices shall be installed in with current NFPA guidelines Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8850028 REV A 1 OF 2 Brand inches mm WITCH WITCH cap Required Minimum Output Mount 174 View 35 70 View 25.5 85.7 View IIRR RMS Power Watts k Ohms Pressure dB 10ft Response Frequency Cut Off Speci cations RMS 4000 Hz Hz Light RMS Operating Current mA 24V FWR 24V DC 85 124 160 130 185 230 45 Diagram S IIRR STROBE S L Next or Square Box Module H Next or Square Box Skirt IN USA MKT 8850028 REV A 2 OF 2

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