Potter SL-1224 Series Selectable Candela Strobe

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SL 1224 SERIES MOUNT UL and cUL listed 12 VDC with 15 35 or 60 cd setting 24 VDC with 15 35 60 75 95 or 110 6 distinct candela settings Candela selection view window 15 75 ADA compliant on 60cd setting Pre wire back plate Universal back plate mounting single gang double gang octagon or 4 square Single screw mounting Indoor only Low current draw SL 1224 utilizes a universal mounting plate that will mount on single gang double gang octagon and 4 square electrical boxes back plate allows the installer to mount the plate and terminate wire connections The strobe attaches in a hinge fashion from the and is secured by a single mounting screw The strobe completely the mounting back plate therefore it can be mounted before trades work is completed and not affect the final look SL 1224 Strobe Series provides a wide range of candela light options in a single device The candela settings include a 12 or volt operation for the 15 35 and 60 75 on axis candela settings 24 volt operation for the 15 35 60 75 95 and 110 candela The candela setting is displayed through the front window is selectable using a drum wheel The voltage input can be either DC or full wave rectified FWR 12 volt or 24 volt with an range from 8 to 33V DC The strobes can be synchronized a control panel with the Potter Amseco sync protocol or a sync module Installation must comply in accordance with applicable standards Information Number Number strobe only strobe only Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA MKT 8910002 REV D 1 OF 2 Diagram MOUNT SERIES inches mm 8910002 1 127 voltage may be present inside the light assembly even though power is not If access to the coponent board is required removal or replacement the must be discarged by touching a wire to both ends of the flashtube NOT attempt to touch or move the assembly until the capacitor has been discharged output in precentage when measured from the following per UL 1971 Current RMS Operating Current mA RMS 12 VDC 12 FWR 24 VDC 24 FWR All current draw shown is worst case Designation 12 DC FWR 24 DC FWR Voltage Range 17.5V Rate Module SMD10 3A Temperature times min 33V to 120 0 to 49 Specifications installer shall provide and install the Potter SL 1224 selectable The strobe shall have six 6 candela settings The candela shall be selectable using a drum roller and shall display the setting on the front of the device The strobe shall operate 12 or 24 VDC regulated or full wave rectified The strobe shall an operating range between 8 and 33 VDC The strobes can synchronized using a control panel with the Potter Amseco sync or a SMD10 3A sync module strobe shall utilize a mounting plate that allows the installer to the mounting plate The mounting plate shall be universal mount on a single gang double gang octagon or 4 inch square The mounting plate shall be completely covered by the strobe shall be secured by a single screw The strobe shall be UL listed standard 1638 General Signaling and standard 1971 Signaling for the Hearing Impaired In addition the strobes shall be listed to CAN ULC S526 IN USA MKT 8910002 REV D 2 OF 2

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