Potter Sludge Kit 5 Year Deposit Sludge Test Kit

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This kit is designed to conform to the requirements of NFPA 25 2002 requiring testing for MIC if slime or tubercles are discovered an internal inspection The test involves removing some of the slime scale tubercles mounds etc and sending them to Potter for influenced corrosion MIC analysis receiving the sample the lab will establish a chain of custody and the sample for bacterium extraction Five groups of bacteria be cultured Heterotrophic Bacterium which determines if the of bacterium are anaerobic without air or aerobic with in nature Slime Forming Bacterium aids in tubercle formation Related Bacterium iron pipe oxidizing and reducing bacterium Reducing Bacterium causes pit corrosion and Acid producing causes pit corrosion The testing will take approximately 9 to allow for bacteria culture growth A full written report will be approximately 15 business days after testing is started Retrieval Return Procedure The sample must be received by Potter within 72 hrs after it is from the sprinkler system Open system to be tested Remove slime deposit scale tubercles mounds etc with enclosed tongue If more than one type of deposit is present try to sample all types Fill 120cc bottle with approximately one half volume sample collected Cap bottle tightly and tape cap to bottle Complete the sample identification section of this document Place sample bottle and this completed document into the original container Ship to Potter Electric using the enclosed pre paid UPS Second Day form A full report will be issued within 15 business days after testing is started testing procedures have been tested against the appropriate American Type Culture Collection strains for each specific of bacterium 1 ea 120cc sample bottle 1 ea tongue depressor Instruction sheet Sample identification form Prepaid shipping form U S Only Pre printed return mailing label Laboratory analysis of returned deposit samples number 1119174 Identification This section MUST be filled out completely and returned with sample bottle Requesting Test State Zip you would like report sent via email Tested Riser State Zip Information circle one Wet Dry FPS Age Total of Risers Sq Ft approx of Floors Type of Pipe circle TW Sch 40 Black Galv Threaded Grooved System Treatment Sample Information sample collected Time in system where obtained collected by description remarks Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 866 956 0988 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 1 OF 1 IN USAMFG 5400604 REV E4 14SLUDGE KIT5 YEAR DEPOSIT SLUDGE TEST KITfirealarmresources com

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