Potter SmokeSabre™ Smoke Detector Tester

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Features Faster detector activation and clearing 100 bio degradable sabre No CFCs and low GWP Ozone friendly Detector manufacturer endorsed Lowest cost per test More tests per can Sabre design ends risk of harmful residue Silicone free smoke detector testing reduces risk of detector is a major step forward in the design of smoke detector All other pressurized aerosol smoke alarm testers have the drawback that if misused they leave harmful residue on the and or inside the chamber of the detector This residue can the detector plastic can attract dust affect sensitivity and in cases lead to corrosion cracking or even complete failure of the Residue occurs when testing aerosols are used too close to the or smoke alarm despite instructions not to do so cannot be used too close to the detector and eliminates residue while focusing and targeting the canned smoke test SmokeSabre is in the closed position the sabre prevents access the spray button The aerosol can only be activated when the sabre fully extended In use air is drawn through the holes in the sabre and coupled with the venturi effect involved assists the velocity and process of the airborne particles The result is a effective test delivering better detector activation using less gas test and reducing costs while eliminating harmful residue products may be recommended as best used with accessory to prevent spraying too close With SmokeSabre there is no The sabre is part of the product and cannot be used without it is a universal test product covering the sensitivity range all smoke detectors see particle size comparison chart extending sabre is made of 100 bio degradable plastic making the only smoke detector test aerosol to be both recyclable eco friendly Specifications Size 2.6 oz Information Aerosol Smoke Detector Case of 12 Cans Bulkpack Handheld Smoke Detector Tester 72 No PAGE 1 OF 1 Detector Tester8830152 REV B 4 20Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comLISTEDfirealarmresources com

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