Potter SSS2 and SSS8 Speaker Strobes

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SSS 2 SSS 8 SERIES SQUARE UL listed 1480 Indoor or outdoor Selectable wattage taps 2 watts or 2 8 watts Selectable 25V RMS or 70V RMS 15 30 or 75 110 cd Easy installation High dB output 400Hz 4000Hz frequency range Available in red or white Wall mount 12 18 AWG terminals Must use 4BX 3 or 4BX 5 backbox SSS 2 speaker strobe square 2 Watt and SSS 8 strobe square 2 8 Watt Series speaker strobes are to provide the clearest audible sound with a high audio at a minimum wattage with visual signaling complying ADA requirements speakers are suitable for fire protective signaling systems evacuation and mass notification systems The low profile can be installed on a standard 4 electrical box with an ring or outdoors using the 4BX 3 square or 4BX 5 round back box The 25V RMS or 70.7V RMS selective input models provide four field selective wattage ranges Multiple and wattage taps are provided Specifications fire alarm speaker shall be capable of reproducing alarm tones voice commands on 25V RMS or 70.7V RMS Speakers shall incremental tap settings of 1 and 2 Watts and shall be by means of a jumper The speaker shall have a frequency of 400 to 4000Hz and shall have an operating temperature 40 150 40 66 It shall produce a UL sound level at 10 feet up to 89dB and be approved for fire alarm use The speakers shall be listed for either indoor or outdoor with a single device Outdoor installations shall require outdoor backbox The strobe shall be listed to UL 1638 General and UL1971 Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired strobe shall have a selectable candela setting In addition the shall be listed for indoor or outdoor installations An optional listed mass notification strobe shall be attached for private visual The speaker shall accept 12 18 AWG on terminals Information Number Range or 70.7V 150 66 relative humidity 1 or 2 4 or 8 Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA MKT 8910236 REV D 1 OF 2 SERIES SQUARE 11 32 59.7 Square Box 1 deep Ring 1 deep Hole 1 2 140 43 64 the lead wires to the power supply wires and strobe speaker combination assembly to the electrical box with screws The conduit hub is to be connected to the conduit the hub is connected to the backbox Output Dispersion 15cd 30cd 75cd 110cd 15cd 30cd 75cd 110cd Mount Horizontal Mount Vertical 45 Location wet wet Input Voltage V r m s or 70.7 Input voltage V r m s or 91.9 or 70.7 or 91.9 Supervisory VDC Input Power W 20k Pressure Level dBA 10ft Response Hz 4000 Frequency Cut off Hz Temperature Range 150 40 66 Relative Humidity Designation Rate 24VDC FWR times min Voltage Range VDC 16 33 VFWR Output Select for SB24 153075 per UL1971 75cd on axis 30cd per UL1971 75cd on axis Output Select for SB24 75110 per UL1971 110cd per UL1971 Current mAmps Low High Low High Wires Module SMD10 3A Temperature Range 150 40 66 A B S Lens Polycarbonate 18 4 wires 2 red 2 Black IN USA MKT 8910236 REV D 2 OF 2

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