Potter SureCall Guardian3 QR (Quick Response)™ User and Installation Guide

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SureCall Guardian3 QR Response and Installation Guide Safety Bands BDA for First Responders 700 MHz FirstNet Ready 800 MHz and 900 MHz SMR Notice SureCall Guardian3 QR signal booster is a 90.219 Class B Device Under Section 90.219 d 5 of the Commission all Part 90 Class B signal booster installations must be registered with the FCC In February 2013 as part of the efforts to support the continued use of signal boosters in the Private Land Mobile Radio Services and Public Radio Services the Commission adopted a registration requirement for existing and future Part 90 Class B signal installations The Commission found that a Class B signal booster registration system would be a valuable tool help resolve interference should it occur Part 90 licensees and signal booster operators must register existing Part 90 Class B signal boosters with the by November 1 2014 In addition any new Class B signal booster installed after November 1 2014 must registered prior to operation Registrations To register a Part 90 Class B signal booster go to the Part 90 Signal Booster Registration and page at www fcc gov signal boosters registration Enter an FCC Registration Number FRN and Password in upper right corner of the screen Then click on the Signal Booster Information page enter either 1 latitude and longitude in decimal degrees of the booster location click on the Address Info button or 2 the booster city and state and click on the Lat Long button The tool will provide a map of the booster location to verify the location is correct Next check the box es for the within the operating range of the signal booster and enter at least one call sign associated with the booster enter the filer Company Information Company Name Company Attention Address Email registration enter Information Title Name and click The system will generate a confirmation including a booster ID which you may print for your records Each booster must be submitted separately Using the links in the upper corner of the Signal Booster Confirmation page you can a Booster Your Boosters or out Registrations Each registration will be available to the public on the same day it is filed with the Commission may be accessed at www fcc gov signal boosters registration Click on All Boosters from the Part 90 Booster Registration and Discovery page The registrations can be searched and sorted by booster ID number of the filer city county state zip code latitude longitude or call sign further information please contact the FCC Licensing Support Hotline at 877 480 3201 or submit an online help at https esupport ffc gov onlinerequest htm Support hours are Monday thru Friday 8 00 p m Eastern except for Federal holidays 48346 Milmont Drive Fremont CA 94538 1 888 365 6283 support surecall comfirealarmresources com of Contents 1 Introduction Overview 4 Product Overview 4 Package Contents 4 Additional Items Needed 4 Key Features Benefits 4 Optional Accessories 5 How it Works 6 FCC and IC Compliance 6 Single vs Multiple Carrier Operation 6 A Word About Safety 6 2 BDA Interface Connections 7 Guardian3 QR BDA Interface Overview 7 RF Interfaces A1 A6 8 Power Interface for 110VAC or UPS Output A5 8 RS 232 Interface for UPS A3 9 Alarm I O Interface A2 10 Ethernet Interface A4 12 USB Interface 12 Alarm LEDs A8 13 3 Planning the Installation 14 Installation Overview 14 Exterior Antenna 15 Interior Antennas 16 Antenna Separation 17 Locating the BDA 18 Accessories 18 Need Help 19 4 Installation 20 Soft Installation 20 Exterior Antenna 20 Interior Antennas 21 Mounting the BDA 22 5 Configuration Testing

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