Potter Thermotech 302 Series Heat Detectors

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Features Hermetically sealed and explosion proof options Horizontal or vertical mounting ability Select models available for indoor and outdoor use Aluminum tubing with silver contact points model is a normally open device designed especially for detection and alarm systems These rate compensation type are available in either 135 or 194 ratings All four models are self restoring hermetically sealed shock and resistant and are tamper proof models operate on the principles of a rate compensation The detector consists of a high expansion aluminum which encases two insulation struts with opposing open points The high expansion sensing shell and the struts have a different co efficient of expansion A rate of temperature rise allows the heat to penetrate the expansion struts Therefore the tubular shell and the expand slowly until the total device has been heated to rated temperature level of 135 or 194 At this point silver contact points close which initiates the alarm When to a rapid temperature rise there is not as much time heat to penetrate the inner strut The rapid lengthening of the allows the struts to come together at a lower level which for thermal lag inherent in conventional fixed detectors When the surrounding air temperatures below the rated temperature level the shell contracts which contacts to open which automatically resets the detector Specifications Ratings Amps amp Amps Ratings Temp Rating Ceiling Temp are not directionally affected can be mounted or vertically Detectors have a smooth ceiling rating of 50 x 50 2500 sq Ft on 8 to 10 ft ceilings hub covers or outlet boxes must never be installed direct sunlight Refer to NFPA Standard 72 for spacing and considerations page 1 OF 2 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8820047 REV A 1 19Thermotech 302 Series Heat Detectorsfirealarmresources com Descriptions 302 interior mounting in any atmosphere that is compatible terminal screw type connections 302 ET sealed for moisture proof or dust proof Requires no special back box Has plastic grip bushing with 1 2 conduit threads hub cover any outlet box Must be hand tightened only For indoor outdoor use Protect from sunlight and adverse conditions 302 EPM for installation in hazardous locations hexagonal grip bushing with 1 2 conduit threads for to threaded hub cover of series JL fixture fitting as by Killark Electric Co or equal Must be hand only For interior use 302 AW sealed for moisture proof or dust proof Requires no special back box For indoor and use Protect from direct sunlight and adverse weather must be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with all national and local codes and hazard Disconnect power source before Serious injury or death could result Read all instructions carefully and understand them starting installation Save instructions for future Failure to read and understand instructions could in improper operation of device resulting in injury or death Information Part Detector 135 Deg Mt Interior Detector 194 Deg Mt Interior Detector 135 Vertical Mt Hex All Weather mount horizontal Detector 194 Vertical Mt Hex All Weather mount horizontal Detector 135 Deg Mt All Weather Detector 194 Deg Mt All Weather Detector 135 Deg Proof Detector 194 Deg Proof White Adapter Plate for 302 302ET and to any 3 outlet or 4 octagon outlet page 2 OF 2 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comThermotech 302 Series Heat Detectors8820047 REV A 1 19firealarmresources com

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