Potter VDP-100 Video-Eye People Counter Instruction Manual and User's Guide

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VDP 100 People Counter Manual and User Guide Electric Signal Company Electric Signal Company Craig Road St Louis Mo 63146 Craig Road St Louis Mo 63146 800 325 3936 Fax 314 878 7264 800 325 3936 314 878 7264 Electric Signal Company Electric Signal Company Craig Road St Louis Mo 63146 Craig Road St Louis Mo 63146 800 325 3936 Fax 314 878 7264 800 325 3936 314 878 7264 Specifications Specifications Name Video Eye People Counter Voltage Sensor Unit Display DC AC 15VA Consumption by Alarm h x w x d Sensor Unit Display x 3.1 x 1.8 130 x 80 x 47 mm x 3.3 x 1.2 102 x 85 x 31 mm Detection Method Sensor Angle Image Resolution Horizontal 300 lines Format a Motion Detection Video Camera inch Color CMOS Sensor degree Digital Signal Processor Sound Type digits 999,999 of independent Entry Exit Dual Counter distinctive chime sounds announcing entry exit event Adjustable Electronic Chime 0 85db Temperature Illumination Heights Area F 122 F 7 LUX 3,000 LUX Indoor Use to install between 7 14 feet high from the floor feet wide when installed at 8 feet high feet wide when installed at 14 feet high Specifications Cable 26 ft AWG 22 wires for 12V DC Output 26 ft AWG 24 wires for Signal Output Wires of AWG 20 or more are required for connecting the Counter Display and the Video Unit at over 300 ft Cord 6 ft AWG 22 wires for 12V AC Output Transformer Specifications Transformer AC 60Hz AC Kit Parts List Procedures Panel Controls and Names Counter Display Settings Video Sensor Settings you for purchasing AMSECO VDP 100 Video Eye People Counter Please read this manual thoroughly making connections and operating the unit Following the instructions in this manual will enable you to optimum performance from the system retain this manual for future reference Troubleshooting Cannot get the system power on the power cable connections both of power transformer and the Counter Display terminal whether the in line switch is ON sure your power source is 120V AC 60Hz Counter is ON but the status LED of the Video Sensor Unit is off the wiring connection of the counter unit terminal and 4P connector case you have extended the length of wires check whether you have used wires of required gage 24 by 100 ft AWG 22 or above for over 100 ft Status LED is ON and blinking on traffic events but the Counter doesn count at all the signal cable connections Counter is not accurate you have installed the system in the environment as required in this instruction manual such as condition installation heights or the floor condition Move the installation position or the illumination of the room if the shadows of people generate false counting whether the Video Sensor unit is facing in parallel with the floor Can get the Chime Sounds the volume control the Speaker connector in the Video Sensor Unit I get the ENTRY chime sounds and counts when EXIT events occur while getting chime sounds and counts on ENTRY events whether you have installed the Video Sensor Unit in the correct direction Rounded end of the must face the door heading EXIT direction for proper operations Features Complete Kit Parts List Descriptions VDP 100 Video Eye People Counter is the digital image tracking technology based people traffic and door announcer system integrating a Video Camera as a detecting sensor The system and counts entry exit traffic events simultaneously by its unique Object Motion Detection and provides the users very useful information on accumulated entry exit traffic counts in offices shops department stores or any other facility as well as announcing people entry or exit events with chime sounds can also use the VDP 100 as a monitoring camera by simply connecting its video output to any NTSC Features Exit Distinguishable People Counter the object moving direction and entry exit events separately Digit Resettable Counter capable of up to 999,999 counts of the entry or exit Distinctive Chime Sounds to announce and Exit Event separately Chime Volume Installations not requiring additional installations or adjustments Mount Color Video Camera integrated Signal Processor DSP driven system Video Output ready to be used as the camera Memory Back up from accidental Power Protection from blocking camera view NTRY Complete Kit Parts List opening of the package please ensure the following parts are enclosed properly before installation Power 4P Connecting Manual Mounting 1 0 0 Video Sensor PEOPLE COUNTER Counter Display Power Cord with Video Mounting Counter Settings The Camera Controller Settings Precautions is important that you carefully read these installation instructions before starting the installation While the procedures are very simple there are guidelines to follow to ensure that the system will operate The guidelines are as follows The Video Sensor Unit and the Counter Display Unit should be mounted onto a flat firm surface Sensor Unit Volume Control Adjusts the chime volume Clockwise volume down Counterclockwise volume up Status LED Lights on when the system is ON Blinks upon ENTRY EXIT events USE only AMSECO 12V AC transformer provided together and wires as specified in this Instructions Camera Lens For the maximum accuracy of the counter it is strongly recommended that you install the system in environment satisfying the following conditions Installation Conditions NOT Recommended the Video Sensor Unit in the intensity between 7 Lux 3,000 Lux Outdoor Installations product is designed for indoor use LUX LUX Video Sensor Unit is recommended be installed maximum 14 feet high the floor DO NOT install the video sensor unit the floor facing directly into the light or other bright lights The or reflections caused by lights may generate false Feet NOT adjust the angle of the Sensor Unit over 20 from normal angle DEGREE NOT install the Unit too close to the so that the door intrudes the Area or the Detection Area the door to install the Video Unit exactly in parallel with floor so that the camera gets a birds view of the Detection Area Adjust angle of the Unit by the maximum onecessary when fonly 20 to the dimensions of Detection for each installation height Fig 1 clear the Detection Area from any of objects other than traffic to the dimensions of Detection for each installation height on 5 Fig 1 and place the Camera so that the passage is fully by the detection area THE AREA AREA ONLY DIRECT LIGHT DARK SHADOW 20 AREA AREA The Counter Display Settings COUNTER RESET Resets both ENTRY EXIT Counter Counter Reset button is designed to be reached through the under the Counter Display Unit to prevent accidental reset use a paperclip or a similar sharp element inside the to press the reset button ENTRY EXIT Switches the display to ENTRY EXIT counter The Video Sensor Settings Volume Control RESET System reset switch ENTRY Chime sound selection jumper ON high tone sound Factory Setting OFF low tone sound EXIT Chime sound stays unchanged regardless the setting

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