Potter VSR Cover Tamper Kit Series Vane Type Waterflow Alarm Switch with Retard

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VSRCTSK TAMPER KIT FOR SERIES FLOW SWITCH Listed FM Approved CONTACTS SPDT Form C RATING 8 20 cm N O 22 AWG wire leads NO 0090148 3 Amps at 250VAC 5 Amps at 125VAC 1 mA at 5 VDC min VSRCTSK Cover Tamper Switch Kit provides a SPDT single pole double throw contact that is used to detect the removal of the cover from VSR Series Vane Type Water ow Switch and can be eld installed read and follow the instructions provided Failure to and follow the instructions provided could result in improper Installation must be performed by quali ed personnel and in with all national and local codes and ordinances Shock hazard Disconnect power source before servicing Serious or death could result Risk of explosion Not for use in hazardous locations Serious or death could result The VSRCTSK must be installed on the switch housing cover on the same side of the conduit entrance being used Insert the leads from the switch into the strain relief slot located in the switch housing as shown in Fig 1 Mount the tamper switch in the notches provided in the switch housing cover using the screws washers and nuts provided as shown in Figure 2 For proper operation the mounting screws must be bottomed in the notches on the cover Pull up on the wires to lock them in the strain relief notches in the switch housing INFORMATION CIRCUIT CONDITION WITH COVER AFFIXED For normally open circuit with cover attached use Common white and Normally Open black Leads For normally closed circuit with cover attached use Common white and Normally Closed red Leads Some adjustment may be necessary to correctly position the blade of the switch This can be accomplished by carefully bending the of the switch upward toward the cover to ensure engagement Be careful to bend the switch blade at the center to avoid damage to the switch 1 2 3 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Customer Service 866 572 3005 Tech Phone 866 956 0988 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5401103 REV B PAGE 1 OF 1

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