Potter VSR-FEX Series Explosion Proof Vane Type Waterflow Switch

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Features NEMA 4 IP66 solid metal enclosure 0 90 second field replaceable retard Non corrosive saddle bushing 2 threaded conduit connections Assembled in USA document contains important information on the installation operation of VSR FEX waterflow switches Please read all carefully before beginning installation A copy of this is required by NFPA 72 to be maintained on site Information Model VSR FEX is a vane type waterflow switch for use on wet systems located in hazardous locations as shown above unit may also be used as a sectional waterflow detector on large unit contains two single pole double throw snap action switches an adjustable instantly recycling pneumatic retard The switches actuated when a flow of 10 gallons per minute 38 Lpm or more downstream of the device The flow condition must exist for a of time necessary to overcome the selected retard period unit is enclosed in a cast aluminum housing The cover is held in with six M6 x 1 mm 6g 30 mm long socket head cap screws a 5 mm hexagonal drive head and a property class of 8.8 These can only be replaced with identical ones A field installable tamper switch is available as an option which may be used to unauthorized removal of the cover See bulletin number for installation instructions of this switch switches that are monitoring wet pipe sprinkler systems not be used as the sole initiating device to discharge AFFF or chemical suppression systems Waterflow switches used this application may result in unintended discharges caused by trapped air or short retard times 08 ATEX 0728480X EN 60079 0 2012 A11 2013 EN 60079 1 2014 EN 60079 31 2014 db IIB T6 Ex tb IIIC T85 Db IP66 Specifications Fig 2 Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum GPM 38 Lpm Flow for Alarm Surge Contacts I Div 1 Div 2 Groups C D II Div 1 Div 2 Groups E F G III Div 1 Div 2 FPS 10 m s sets of SPDT Form C Amps at 125 250 VAC Amps at 30 VDC Resistive For use in hazardous locations Classified as Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with factory installed gasket and aluminum housing NEMA 4 IP66 Rated Enclosure use with appropriate conduit fitting Temperature 40 4.5 Ta 49 Non corrosive sleeve factory installed in saddle conduit entrances provided for conduit with NPT connections Use an ATEX certified plug of protection and IP66 for all unused conduit openings 13 72 Entrances Use System PSI 31 BAR subject to change without notice page 1 OF 4 Proof Vane Type Waterflow Alarm Switch With Retard5400805 REV U 06 18Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com devices may be mounted on horizontal or vertical pipe On horizontal pipe they should be installed on the top side of the pipe where they will accessible The units should not be installed within 6 15 cm of a fitting which changes the direction of the waterflow or within 24 61 cm of valve or drain Drain the system and cut a hole in the pipe using a hole saw in a slow speed drill The 2 and 2 1 2 50 mm and 65 mm devices require a hole with diameter of 1 1 4 1 8 1 16 33 mm mm All other sizes require a hole with a diameter of 2 1 8 50 mm mm See chart below Clean the inside pipe of all growth or other material for a distance equal to the pipe diameter on either side of the hole Roll the vane so that it may be inserted into the hole do not bend or crease it the vane so that the arrow on the saddle points in the direction of the waterflow the saddle strap and tighten nuts alternately to an eventual 20 ft lbs 27 n m of torque See Fig 1 and chart below The vane must not rub inside of the pipe or bind in any way not trim the paddle Failure to follow these instructions may prevent the device from operating and will void the warranty Do not obstruct or prevent the trip stem of the flow switch from moving when water flows as this could damage the flow switch and prevent an alarm If an is not desired a qualified technician should disable the alarm system 1 NOT LEAVE COVER OFF FOR PERIOD OF TIME NUTS ALTERNATELY CHART BELOW FOR TORQUE ADJUSTMENT THE TIME DELAY IS FACTORY AT 30 10 SECONDS THE DELAY CAN BE BY ROTATING THE RETARD ADJUSTMENT FROM TO MAX SETTING 60 90 SECONDS TIME DELAY SHOULD BE SET AT THE MINIMUM TO PREVENT FALSE ALARMS must be drilled perpendicular to the pipe and vertically centered to the Compatible Pipe Installation Requirements chart for size AN ATEX CERTIFIED PLUG OF and IP66 FOR UNUSED CONDUIT OPENINGS ON PIPE SO ON SADDLE IN DIRECTION WATERFLOW PADDLE IN DIRECTION WATERFLOW Pipe Pipe 2 2.5 2.5 3 4 6 8 Pipe Installation Requirements Wall Thickness 10 UL 40 UL BS 1387 LPC VDS Size Nuts 125 2.0 125 2.0 PAGE 2 OF 4 REV U 06 18Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comVSR FEXExplosion Proof Vane Type Waterflow Alarm Switch With Retardfirealarmresources com this device is to be installed in an area that is classified as the person responsible for safety in the area shall be contacted to if the tools and operations required for the installation of the device and associated components are permitted in the area To reduce the risk ignition of hazardous atmospheres disconnect supply circuits before opening cover Keep cover tight while circuits are live mating surfaces of the cover and housing are designed and machined to meet the hazardous location requirements of the applicable listing These surfaces shall be protected from any damage and shall be clean and free of all foreign matter No gasket or sealant of any type is on these surfaces The use of any type of gasket sealant or damage to these surfaces will void the hazardous rating of the device and can lead explosion and death These surfaces are not repairable and the cover is not replaceable If any damage has occurred to either surface or a gasket sealant has been applied to either surface the entire device must be immediately removed from service and replaced All foreign matter must be If mating surfaces are damaged do not place the device in service When reinstalling the cover during installation or maintenance wipe the mating cover and housing surfaces with a soft clean lint free cloth inspect the surfaces for any damage or foreign matter Install the cover on the housing to fully seat the mating surfaces Initially tighten each the 6 cover screws evenly to 5 in lbs 56 n m to ensure that the cover is fully seated Next torque each cover screw to a final torque of 20 in lbs n m Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury or death Dimensions 2 3.92in DIA NUT WASHER SADDLE PADDLE PIPE DIA 1.75in 44.5mm FOR DN 50 DN 65 2 2.5in PIPE DIA 2.125in 54.0mm FOR DN 80 D

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