Potter VSR-SF Waterflow Alarm Switch for Small Pipe

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FOR SMALL PIPE TYPE WATERFLOW SWITCH WITH RETARD ULC CSFM Listed and NYMEA Accepted CE Marked Pressure Up to 250 PSI 17,2 BAR Flow Rate for Alarm 8 10 GPM 30 38 LPM Surge 18 FPS 5,5 m s Die cast red enamel nish Ratings Two sets of SPDT Form C Amps at 125 250 VAC Amps at 30 VDC Entrances Two knockouts provided for 1 2 conduit Listed plastic copper and schedule 40 iron pipe held in place with tamper resistant screws pipe sizes 1 25mm 1 1 4 32mm 1 1 2 38mm 2 50mm 12 paddles are furnished with each unit one for each size of threaded and sweat TEE one for 1 25mm one for 1 25mm CPVC Central one for 1 1 2 polybutylene and one for 1 1 2 38mm threaded tubing size Speci cations Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with factory installed gasket NEMA 4 IP55 rated enclosure use with appropriate conduit die cast housing tting environments Temperature range 40 F to 120 F 4,5 C to 49 C This device is not intended for applications in explosive Use Automatic Sprinkler One or two family dwelling Residential occupancy up to four stories National Fire Alarm Code Cover Tamper Switch Kit Stock No 0090018 No 1113000 Pat No 3921989 Canadian Pat No 1009680 Patents Pending Model VSR SF is a vane type water ow switch for use on wet systems that use 1 25mm 1 1 4 32mm 1 1 2 38mm or 50mm pipe size The unit may also be used as a sectional water ow on large systems unit contains two single pole double throw snap action switches and adjustable instantly recycling pneumatic retard The switches are when a ow of 8 10 gallons per minute 30 38 LPM or more downstream of the device The ow condition must exist for a of time necessary to overcome the selected retard period These devices may be mounted in horizontal or pipe On horizontal pipe they should be installed on the top of the pipe where they will be accessible The units should not be within 6 15cm of a valve drain or tting which changes the of the water ow Select the proper paddle for the pipe size type of TEE used see Fig 1 for instructions on changing paddle unit has a 1 NPT bushing for threading into a non corrosive TEE Fig 2 for proper TEE size type and installation Use no more than wraps of te on tape the device into the TEE tting as shown in Fig 2 Care must be to properly orient the device for the direction of water ow vane must not rub the inside of the TEE or bind in any way The should move freely when operated by hand device can also be used in copper or plastic pipe installations with proper adapters so that the speci ed TEE tting may be installed the pipe run AND TESTING Check the operation of the unit by the inspector test valve at the end of the sprinkler line or the and test connection if an inspector test valve is not provided there are no provisions for testing the operation of the ow detection on the system application of the VSR SF is not recommended advisable frequency of the inspection and testing and its associated protective system should be in accordance with the applicable NFPA and Standards and or authority having jurisdiction manufacturer quarterly or more frequently Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8800003 REV AA 5400802 11 02 PAGE 1 OF 2 SMALL PIPE TYPE WATERFLOW SWITCH WITH RETARD 2 11 16 with optional Tamper Switch 735 33 the device into the tee tting as shown Care must be taken to properly orient device for the direction of water ow On sweat tees no threaded bushings or adapters are permitted unless they comply with the dimensions listed in chart below The depth to the inside bottom of the tee should have the following 1 Adjustment change time turn knob either for desired time delay the minimum amount of retard to prevent false alarms setting is usually adequate this Factory set at OF FLOW 737 31 are 12 paddles furnished each unit One for each size of sweat or plastic TEE as in Fig 2 These paddles raised lettering that shows pipe size and type of TEE they are to be used with The paddle must be used The must be properly attached drawing and the screw that the paddle must be securely Do not use more than three wraps of te on tape TERMINAL CONNECTIONS CLAMPING PLATE TERMINAL 3 I N N I N 923 3 uninsulated section of a single conductor should not be looped around the and serve as two separate connections The wire must be severed thereby supervision of the connection in the event that the wire becomes dislodged under the terminal 4 ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS SETS OF NORMALLY CONTACTS ON ALARM ZONE FIRE PANEL FROM PANEL N C AND N O MARKINGS ON SWITCH ARE FOR AN ALARM CONTACTS ARE REVERSED THE DEVICE IS IN THE CONDITION DC HOT AC DC OR AC 761 2 The model VSR SF has two one can be used operate a central station or remote signaling while the other is used to a local audible or visual For supervised circuits see Terminal Connections and caution note 3 5 remove knockouts Place at edge of knockouts in the center WARNING to the possibility of unintended discharges caused by pressure surges trapped air or short retard times water ow switches that are wet pipe sprinkler systems should not be used as the sole initiating device to discharge AFFF deluge or chemical suppression IN USA 8800003 REV AA 5400802 11 02 PAGE 2 OF 2

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