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has recently been made aware that some of the flow and pressure switches in Texas and areas may have been exposed to freezing water and ice in the recent weather disaster power to maintain compressors nitrogen generators or heat sources some dry systems may tripped or freezing temperatures may have caused ice to push past the dry valve and get to the switches Flowswitches on wet systems in facilities that lost heat may also have been exposed expanding ice be clear it is the freezing water and expanding ice that is our concern Cold temperatures without ice not an issue for Potter products As water freezes it expands and can exert several thousand pounds force causing unseen damage to our devices and affecting their operation Damage could be hairline in the saddles or pressure connections that do not show as leaks now but lead to catastrophic later Expanding ice plugs can put stress on screws holding the devices together weakening them reducing the needed compression as required in a critical area This could lead to a failure of the to operate correctly is Potter position that if a Potter sprinkler product has been exposed to freezing water ice the needs to be replaced immediately all Potter Flowswitches here all Potter Pressure Switches here you have questions please reach out to us at 1 800 325 3936 Regards Henke CET Product Manager

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