Cerberus Pyrotronics MS-151 MS-157 Manual Fire Alarm Station 6182

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MS 151 and MS 157 Fire Alarm Box AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Durable Compact Design Shock and Vibration Resistant Reset With Allen Key No Break Rods Necessary Surface Or Semi flush Installation ULC Listed FM Approved Cerberus Pyrotronics modern compact design architectural and code requirements for a fire alarm box initiating device This manual design is easily observed yet does not detract the building s decor MS 151 and MS 157 single action manual stations a normally open toggle switch The switch is so that it is activated by pulling down the cover indicate visually that the manual station is activated the cover has been pulled down the cover re down and locked until the station is reset The is reset by turning the reset screw counterclock while at the same time pushing the cover upwards models are intended for use with all Cerberus low voltage systems but can be used for to existing fire alarm systems reference Rating Chart Archiitect S Sppececiifficicaations aand Arch manual fire alarm box shall be Cerberus Pyrotronics See chart for model number with Under Laboratories Inc listing The single action station shall be of the non coded type and an internal toggle switch The switch shall be inside the manual station so that it is activated pulling down the cover To indicate visually that the station was activated once the cover has been down the cover remains down until the station is The station shall be reset by turning the reset counterclockwise while at the same time pushing cover upwards Information Information No Action SPST DPST NUMBER and Accessories and Accessories Information Information Number No SPST Manual Station DPST Manual Station Surface Mounting Box 0.56 Key Reset Key Adapter Kit SB 5 Adapter Plate Kit For MS 151 157 onto SB 5R Box Data Data Mounting the MS 151 and MS 157 Ratings Ratings switch MS 151 and MS 157 VAC 3A VDC 3A VAC VDC 1A The use of other than Cerberus Pyrotronics detectors and bases with Cerberus Pyrotronics equipment will be considered a misapplication of Cerberus Pyrotronics equipment and as voids all warranties either expressed or implied in regard to loss damage liabilities and or service problems Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 www cerbpyro com in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1997 sheet dated 10 95

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