Cerberus Pyrotronics PS-5N7 Network Interface 5 VDC Power Supply 5046

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PS 5N7 Interface 5 VDC Power Supply AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS MXL Network Interface Style 4 or Style 7 Communications 5 VDC Supply MKB Connections Same Mounting as PIM 1 May be Used with PIM 1 Provides Remote Display and Module Integral Part of RCC 1 Connects to OMM Cardcage Supports all MXLV Plug in Card Modules Listed ULC Listed NYMEA CSFM and City of Chicago Approved Remote Audio Extender PS 5N7 is an MXL module which acts as a Style 4 or 7 RS 485 network interface to other MXL modules as the MKB 1 and MKB 2 PS 5N7 can be mounted remotely in the MXL enclo either on the rear of an MKB 1 keyboard display or an MBR 2 MSE 2 or RCC 1 enclosure backbox It connections from the MXL network and from a 24 supply such as the MMB 1 PSR 1 PS 35 or Alarm model AS PS5 BF5 24 UL used with an MKB the PS 5N7 may also incorporate PIM 1 module and acts as a complete display keyboard remote peripheral interface used in conjunction with an auxiliary power supply cardcages and MXLV modules are capable of being supported by PS 5N7 to communicate with the MMB PS 5N7 occupies one of the MXL network nodes It not occupy an MXL network address MXL modules to the MXL network through the PS 5N7 occupy addresses equipment is approved for operation over the tem range of 0 to 49 and Architect Specifications of remote MXL modules to the MXL network shall provided by the PS 5N7 module The PS 5N7 shall also 5 VDC to those modules When used with the keyboard display the PS 5N7 shall provide a com display and command center PS 5N7 shall mount on the rear of the MKB 1 or in the or MSE 2 enclosures It shall be capable of being in conjunction with the PIM 1 peripheral interface PS 5N7 shall occupy one MXL network node The PS shall be capable of connecting to OMM card cages fully supporting all MXLV plug in cards Ratings VDC Input VDC Output VDC 300mA max VDC 500mA max VP P max 150mA max NUMBER Information Number Interface Supervisory Instructions Interface Module Control Center MXLV Modules Number Slot Cardcage Slot Cardcage Control Card Supervisory Riser Card Supervisory Card Channel 8 Class B Zones Channel 8 Class B Zones Channel 8 Class B Zones Channel 8 Class B Zones Channel 4 Class A or B Zones Channel 4 Class A or B Zones Channel 4 Class A or B Zones Channel 4 Class A or B Zones Telephone Zone Module Watt Amplifier Zone Module Wiring Diagram in the RCC 1 Enclosure Without a PIM 1 Power Supply and Network Wiring Diagram to the following Installation Instructions as to the Manual P N 315 092036 315 090375 315 090911 315 085062 The minimum wire gauge is 18 AWG Use a maximum of 80 ohms per pair of wires for the connections 24 VDC connections should be a maximum of 10 Use twisted pair or shielded twisted pair for network Terminate the shield ONLY at the MMB 1 enclosure Eliminate all Network B wiring for Style 4 DO NOT place the PS 5N7 at the end of the network This configuration is power limited to NFPA 70 NEC760 Connection to an OMM 1 all equipment for configuration in the enclosure to the following Installation for further information 315 090911 P N 315 090267 Restrictions max 500mA No Use the PS 5N7 Module in a Remote Enclosure Use the PS 5N7 Module in a Remote Enclosure

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