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PXL Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS 12 Zone System Expandable to 32 10 Amp Base Power Supply Multiple Power Supplies Available or Remote 4 Notification Appliance Circuits in System Expandable to 16 2 Amp Power Limited Notification Circuits Easy to Use ATM type Display for and Programming with 80 Character On line Help Text for All System Operations Factory Programmed Ready to Install Fully Field Programmable Options No Tools Required Compatible with Cerberus Pyrotronics Initiating Devices and Appliances Sprinkler Supervisory Service with Relay Output Alarm Verification by Zone 150 Event History One Person Test Feature Zone and Output Bypass Password Protection ULC Listed CSFM NYMEA FM Pending PXL from Cerberus Pyrotronics is a conventional fire control panel designed to meet the changing needs the core of the fire alarm market While providing basic protection in a flexible architecture it also uses technol designed for other markets to speed installation and to the response to fire Combined with Cerberus smoke detectors which long ago established a for quality in the industry PXL fire alarm controls the most reliable and easy to use systems available PXL basic system consists of a microprocessor based with 12 alarm initiating circuits At the heart of the flexible architecture is a 10 amp power supply with 2 amp battery charger Although this supply is included in base PXL it can also be reproduced in the system power supply includes 3 relays which are automatically in the event of fire alarm supervisory conditions trouble conditions one relay for each type of condition the power supply includes four notification circuits each rated at 2 amps These features NUMBER the power required to answer today needs for devices and remote communication of system status is reported on a 4 line LCD display in a similar to an automated teller machine The system can quickly identify the condition of the facility by this display and or individual zone LED Proper to conditions is indicated in the display by clear to read messages which highlight the correct buttons press When the user is confronted with multiple functions can be performed at the same time the system leads him or her to the most critical functions first same display is used for system programming The system including many of the desirable software available in today systems can be programmed this display without the need for a computer or programming tools Further most installers can all of these features without any training basic PXL can be expanded conveniently to 32 zones relays and 16 2 amp notification appliance circuits by two power supplies A larger enclosure or standard enclosures are required enclosures sizes are available for the PXL The Model includes a single module mounting bracket which support one PZE 4B in addition to the main control for total of 16 initiating circuits The PPS 10M power supply is mounted in this bracket with room for 2 other expan cards either PNC 2Z or PRM 4 Model PSE 2 is a larger enclosure which can support to 32 IDC two power supplies and the full complement bell and relay modules If two power supplies are in the batteries are to be moved to a Model BB 55 cabinet Expansion Model PZE 4B is a 4 zone expander for the base PXL zones are Style B Class B and can be converted to D Class A with the Model PZC 4D card These Device Circuits IDC see NFPA 72 are compat with all of Cerberus Pyrotronics currently available detectors and devices Please refer to the on the wiring diagram for a complete list maximum of 5 PZE 4B cards can be supported in any PXL Appliance Circuits Model PNC 2Z is a 2 circuit expander for the base PXL PXL Notification Appliance Circuits NAC see NFPA come standard as Style Z Class A They are compat with the majority of Cerberus Pyrotronics currently signaling devices Please refer to the chart on the diagram for a complete list maximum of 4 PNC 2Z cards can be supported in any system Model PRM 4 has 4 single pole double throw relays for the base PXL output capability Each Form is rated at 5 amps for resistive loads and can be to follow the status of any number of IDC maximum of eight PRM 4 cards can be supported in any system Model PPS 10M power supply can be duplicated in the enclosure A maximum of 2 power supplies can be in any PXL system including the primary supply the base unit The module includes a 2 amp battery and 10 amps for NAC power One PTX 12 trans is required with each PPS 10M PXL answers the needs of today fire alarm market with hardware and software based features Following is a of some of the many features available in the Device Circuits PXL IDC can support 30 conventional smoke detectors the individual smoke detector can support a remote lamp or a remote relay or audible base one initiating device is guaranteed to alarm per zone should be taken into account when using the detector base for fan shutdown verification is available as a software option When an is programmed for alarm verification that IDC can manual fire alarm stations or other shorting along with smoke detectors The detectors will a fire alarm only after the verification cycle is com The manual stations will create a fire alarm when without delay IDC can also support up to 30 flame detectors either S121 S122 or DF 30 All IDC can be programmed for Alarm Supervisory Service or Alarm Verification Appliance Circuits NAC are rated 2 amps and are power limited per UL requirements NAC can be programmed for the following options Code March Time California Uniform Fire Code Non Silenceable steady Temporal Code meets the of NFPA 72 and ANSI S3.41 for emergency signals IDC can be mapped to specific NAC as required via options supervisory and trouble relays on the power supply not programmable The relays on the PRM 4 expansion are fully programmable to follow the activation of any Activation of a relay by multiple zones utilizes OR logic that the first of the mapped zones to alarm will activate relay All relays have transient protection Supply power supply has a 10 amp NAC power output and a amp auxiliary power limited output If used the 1 amp output reduces the available current at the NAC output PXL system is assembled into the PSE 1 or PSE 2 with the use of the PMK 1 mounting bracket kits bracket is required for mounting modules in the PSE 1 is shipped in this enclosure Two PMK 1 mounting are required and included in the PSE 2 large A model PMK 2 bracket is available for mounting relay NAC cards in the PSE 2 mounting brackets can be ordered separately to for the assembly and test of systems off site prior to Features PXL system has numerous software based features as as options only available through programming is a list of the majority of those features Please to the Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual number 315 094131 for specific details on these Zone Bypass IDC Bell Circuit Bypass NAC Relay Bypass Bell Inhibit and Cutoff Timers NAC Password Protection Custom Message by Zone IDC NAC and Relay One Person Test Bell Circuit NAC and Relay Test History Log 50 events On Request Help Messages Drawings Information PXL system including Main w display and 12 initiating zones amp power supply board w 4 2 amp CKT transformer battery charger system relays system enclosure door zone expansion module for PXL zone Class conversion module 500 494274 zone notification appliance circuit relay card module form 5 amp

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