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SCXL CXL Command Center CXL Command Center AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Provides Central Monitoring and Control for up to 168 MXL and or XL3 Utilizes DOS Operating Platform Built In Diagnostics for Controller Supports Full CXL Command Set Hard Disk Based History Logging Two level Operator Password Protection Log On Protection Printer Supervision Custom Log Report Generation Listed ULC Listed SCXL is a PC based command center that provides a monitor and control point for up to 168 MXL and or systems The SCXL includes a controller CPP which up to 3 CXL panels The SCXL is designed to hold to 2 controllers CPP resulting in a capacity of 6 CXL The controller CPP is equipped with built in When prompted by the operator the SCXL the controller CPP to perform a loopback test two of its ports SCXL operates on a MS DOS platform and has a two password protection The operator has the ability to up to three default terminal screens to display while system is in normal condition These three default modes consist of Event Status Mode System Mode and Active Status Mode The Event Status displays each alarm and trouble event in chronologi order The System Status Mode shows alarm and trouble at each individual fire indicator panel Active Status displays only active events for each fire indicator history data can be archived on the hard disk as well a diskette diagnostic printer and terminal test functions system log is capable of storing all MXL and XL3 system Custom reports can be generated directly from the with selectable parameters including a date range panel device range etc NUMBER Information Information Controller Module CPP Controller Module CPP See description under UL listed Industrial Computer requirements Listed Industrial Computer Listed Industrial Computer Disk or higher or higher or higher MBytes MBytes MBytes GBytes MBytes GBytes MBytes MBytes MBytes Card XGA 2 XGA 2 XGA 2 Monitor 19 15 19 15 19 15 Screen 19 only 19 only 19 only Ports COM2 COM2 COM2 Ports LPT2 LPT2 LPT2 To obtain 4 hrs of standby power ICS Lifeline model 9300057 UPS is Configuration Diagram Configuration Diagram for the Configuration Diagram Locate the computer CRT printer and in the same room as the CXLs audible range of the CXLs and more than 50 feet from the CXLs Connect the keyboard and mouse to computer keyboard and mouse by following the installation instr for the computer An NFPA 72 Proprietary System instal requires that the computer CRT printer be UL listed for fire Cer Pyrotronics Models CP7585 and the PAL 1 respectively these criteria For installation of the CXL refer to the Manual P N 315 085683 The printer is supervised for AC on off paper jam and connection to the software at the computer All circuits are power limited The computer and the CPP are super both the power connections and cable connections by the individ CXLs Mount the PC and the CPP in a UL 19 inch rack or desk mount enclosure Be sure to run the AC power to the IN CONDUIT For NFPA 72 Proprietary Systems con the CXL CPP PAL 1 and the to an uninterruptible power that is UL listed for fire protective use Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 973 267 1300 973 397 7008 www cerbpyro com in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1997 sheet dated 12 96

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